Can a human escape a gorilla?

Netherlands : Gorilla breaks out and attacks people

Rotterdam / Berlin - "Bokito" was walking along a footpath and attacked a woman: the gorilla pushed the visitor to the ground and inflicted severe bite wounds. Then the animal stormed into the restaurant, where it threw chairs and tables around. It took an hour and a half to numb it.

The animal will not be killed, but it is unclear whether the silverback will stay in Rotterdam, said zoo director Ton Dorresteijn. The gorilla, who has lived in the Netherlands since 2005, had previously been to the Berlin Zoo and in 2004 climbed a three-meter-high wall there.

Zookeeper goes into shock

Two people - including a wheelchair user - were injured in Rotterdam while trying to escape the gorilla. A zookeeper was shocked when the huge animal suddenly stood in front of him. All four injured had to be taken to hospital. According to the zoo director, the woman with the bite wounds was seriously but not critically injured. Your condition is stable.

The gorilla may have been bullied and wanted to protect its female and two babies, Dorresteijn said. After it had overcome the moat, the animal probably panicked. It is now being investigated how "Bokito" was able to overcome the wide rift - especially since gorillas are afraid of water.

When the silverback broke out of its enclosure in Berlin in June 2004, two animal keepers were able to recapture it. The gorilla had to leave the zoo in the capital despite protests from animal rights activists to avoid inbreeding - it is related to most of the female gorillas there. (tso / dpa)

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