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Pearle makes my glasses.
Famous glasses wearers: who do you think of first? So a few names come to mind right away. What they all have in common - apart from the fact that they all wear visual aids, of course: They influence the designers when creating new frames. Here we show you our favorite glasses wearers from pop culture plus similar glasses models from the Pearle range.

The classic: John Lennon and his glasses

John Lennon wore one circular glasseswith metal frame. These became so much his trademark that the term "John Lennon glasses" is now familiar to everyone. The Beatle has had competition from a fictional magician student since the late 1990s: Harry Potter also wears round metal glasses as a distinctive feature. But no matter which of the two you choose as Idol take: With round frames you are definitely lying always right

Not just Beatles and magicians: round glasses with gray-black metal frames by Fuzion (EAN: 8719154753251).

Buddy Holly: Made the horn-rimmed glasses famous

Rock'n'Roll musician Buddy Holly, who died far too early, was not only known for songs like "Peggy Sue", but also for his own striking black glassesthat we today certainly call Nerd glasses would denote. Holly's model wasn't from Ray-Ban, but the Wayfarer, which came on the market during his lifetime, surely pleased him too. In any case, we are still enthusiastic about it almost 70 years after its market launch.

Classic glasses frames not just for rock'n'rollers: The Wayfarer by Ray-Ban (EAN: 8053672808469).

Marilyn Monroe: Famous role as wearing glasses

Marilyn Monroe didn't need glasses in real life, but in one of her most famous comedic roles she wears gorgeous ones Cat-eye model. In "How to catch a millionaire" she is as blind as a fish, but out of vanity she never puts on her glasses when a man is around. What leads to a lot of funny situations also shows how much that works Image of glasses over the decades for the better has changed. But Marilyn's opinion also changes in the film: At the end of the day, she likes to wear her glasses and with them to wear Triumph of the cat-eye shape at.

Filigree at the bottom, wow at the top: a cat-eye dream by Michael Kors (EAN: 0725125068949).

Walter White: From philistine glasses to hipster must-have

Another fictional character who made eyewear history is Walter White "Breaking Bad". The inconspicuous teacher, who later becomes a crystal meth “celebrity chef”, wears boring clothes and one as well boring, rectangular metal glasses. The latter, however, have at some point Hipster appropriated and made cool. There are now many of the functional versions stylish variants. Our favorite model comes with a double bridge.

The black metal glasses by IN STYLE have a casual charm thanks to the double bridge (EAN: 8719154511608).

Elton John: When birds of paradise need visual aid

Now it’s it extravagant: Anyone who takes Elton John as a style model is not interested in restraint. How big they are Glasses collection of the British music legend can only be guessed at. In any case, it won't get boring with him. No form is for him dared and no color too colorful. There are no limits, there is only one thing the glasses must not be: inconspicuous!

Gold, double frame, oversize: more is more with this glasses dream by Chloé (EAN: 0886895386517).

Nana Mouskouri: Black glasses from Athens

In terms of glasses, it is the opposite of Elton John: The Greek cult singer Nana Mouskouri has been wearing the same glasses model since the beginning of her career. Black, rectangular, classic. She knows what suits her and is not the type for experiments. Do you recognize yourself in it? Then this is your new one Favorite glasses

This frame by Hugo exudes timeless elegance (EAN: 0716736081298).

Clark Kent: The journalist with style superpowers

Not only does Clark Kent have special powers as Superman, his glasses shine too magical to be. At least there is no other way of explaining why no one suddenly recognizes him after putting on the visual aid. ;-) But apart from this mystery: No matter in which adaptation, Clark Kent's glasses always spray classic preppy chic. You definitely can't go wrong with that!

These panto glasses from Heritage make you a superman too (EAN: 8719154016608).

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