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Marketers and programmers look for cultural relevance when reaching out to multicultural and diverse groups

The CIIM study found that the level of this perceived cultural relevance for an individual correlates with viewers' preference for content, which is reflected in a significant increase - highly relevant programs on culturally speaking, viewers have almost twice as many preferences for programs from lower levels cultural relevance. “The CIIM makes it clear that the media industry in general is lagging behind the country's cultural turning point. Currently, the vast majority of content does not find a cultural resonance with a multicultural and inclusive audience, while the majority of shows have a strong resonance with non-Hispanic whites - which directly affects brand results and individual perceptions on screen and in society explains Carlos Santiago, co-founder of AIMM and chairman of SSG.

A small pilot study of 60 programs 150 seconds was conducted in 2019, and nearly 150 programs were set up through CIIM in 2020. With a base of over 300,000 ad and program reviews, the power of culture in communication is more evident than ever. CIIM's work shows that ads with authentic cultural representation can triple purchase intent and account for 40% of sales growth. For shows, cultural relevance explains 30% of a program's preferences.

Gail Horwood, Kellogg's director of marketing and AIMM board member: “In attribution testing of Kellogg sales, consumer perceptions of authentic cultural representation had a 47% impact on our campaigns' success. The CIIM tool has proven to be so valuable to us that we have integrated it into our marketing process for all designs. "

The 2020 study also found that the

The most important shows by segment were:

§ Non-Hispanic White: When the Heart Calls (Hallmark)

§ African Americans: Sunday Best (BET) and Greenleaf (OWN)

§ Hispanic English: House of Flowers (Netflix)

§ Bilingual Hispanic: Mira Quien Baila (Univision)

§ Hispanic Spanish: Pequenos Gigantes (Univision)

§ Asian: Killing Eve (Hulu)

§ People with Disabilities: Special (Netflix)

§ MC & I: House of Flowers and Blood and Water (Netflix)

§ LGBTQ: The sponsors (ABC family / Hulu)

The main networks were:

§ Afro-American Endemic Rican: BET and OWN

§ Endemic Hispanic: Univision

§ General Market Network: NBC

§ Streaming: Netflix

§ Downloadable: YouTube

The best cultural networks:

· Univision

· Telemundo

As AIMM's Carlos Santiago notes, “The multicultural market is young and already represents the majority of the US population in the younger age groups. In addition, the multicultural market with its high concentration in large cities is an attractive destination for many advertisers and programmers. Currently, over 320 brands are using the CIIM tool to measure the effectiveness of the

The official launch of CIIM and the results of the 2020 study will be published on May 13, before the first television presentations in 2021, CIIM will