What are the characteristics of a beautician

Beautician - training, job description, salary and application for training positions

A well-groomed appearance is important to you and you are very interested in cosmetics and beauty care? Would you like to give other people the opportunity to influence their appearance in a positive way? Then a job as a beautician may be your absolute dream job.

Nowadays, many people attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance. As a beautician, you have a wide range of specialist knowledge on various topics such as nail care, massage, cosmetics and more.

Cosmetics training is a female domain, so the training occupation is almost exclusively occupied by women. The everyday activities of a beautician include cosmetic treatments, permanent hair removal, cosmetic foot care, removal of skin imperfections, make-up and permanent make-up, facial massages and more.

An important point is customer advice on various options for beauty care and health-promoting measures. As a beautician, you have knowledge of healthy nutrition and advise your customers with friendliness and professional expertise.

If you have a friendly and open nature, enjoy working with customers, and as a beautician you will find an ideal field of activity. You will find jobs in cosmetic studios, perfumeries, drugstores, hotels, wellness facilities and hairdressers. Depending on the training and further education you have completed, you can also work in the supplier industry, in dermatological practices and in cosmetic schools.

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Salary as a beautician

Depending on the industry, you can expect a starting salary of around 1,500 to 1,900 euros per month after your apprenticeship. However, the actual salary paid depends on various factors, which in addition to professional experience include, for example, the region, the size of the company and the industry.

Another point is the possible application of a collective agreement for salaries. If the company is bound by collective bargaining agreements, the gross income is between 2,025 and 2,583 euros, depending on the federal state.

After a few years, you can count on increasing salaries thanks to more professional experience. You can also influence the salary increase yourself if you are completing training and / or further education.

For example, with further training to become a specialist in cosmetics and wellness, gross salaries between EUR 2,500 and EUR 3,200 are quite common. As a master cosmetician, you can even expect a gross income of between 3,160 and 4,900 euros.

Training as a beautician

The profession of beautician is a recognized training profession and the training can take place in trade, industry or craft. It lasts three years and takes place in a dual way in school and training company. The training in the vocational school primarily provides you with theoretical knowledge on subject-specific areas such as cosmetic massages, care and more.

The knowledge acquired is applied in practice in the training company. There you will learn, for example, how the condition of skin is checked and assessed, which techniques are used in hand and nail care and how the operational workflow is organized.

Alternatively, you can also complete purely school-based training in a special vocational school. There are no fixed periods of time, the duration of the training can therefore vary depending on the institute. In addition to theoretical training, you will also receive practical training at the school. Training remuneration is not paid here and you take over the financing of this school training out of your own pocket.

The amount of the training remuneration in the company depends on the region, the size of the training company and the industry. Below you will find exemplary gross figures from retail:

1st year of training:
630 to 810 euros
2nd year of training:
690 to 890 euros
3rd year of training:
800 to 1,020 euros

Requirements and characteristics for cosmetics training

There are no prescribed entry requirements; the training companies usually employ applicants with a secondary school diploma or a secondary school diploma. Good grades in subjects such as art, chemistry and / or biology have a positive effect and increase your chances of getting an apprenticeship contract. In addition to the school requirements, an interest in cosmetics and beauty care is an important point.

For the profession of beautician, additional knowledge, skills and interests are necessary. You should have good finger and hand dexterity, observation accuracy, memory retention and reliability. Creativity and a sense of aesthetics are also very relevant aspects.

Since you almost always come into contact with customers in your day-to-day work, good manners, a friendly demeanor and a customer-oriented mindset are essential.

Application as a beautician

An application should give your potential employer the best possible impression of your knowledge, skills and motivation for this profession. In addition to the cover letter and résumé, relevant copies of certificates are also included.

If you have already completed internships in this industry, you should also submit the relevant certificates. Make sure that the cover letter and résumé are free of errors, as spelling and / or grammatical errors give a negative image. After all, diligence is a very important aspect in this profession!

If you find out about the company and the job description in advance, you can convincingly explain in your cover letter why you are the ideal candidate for this position. In the tabular curriculum vitae, in addition to your previous career, you also state your foreign language skills and hobbies. Industry-typical part-time jobs and / or internships that you have already completed are also relevant.

More application tips and tricks!

Future and trends for cosmetics education

The future prospects as a state-recognized or certified beautician are good and there are numerous job offers, as a well-groomed appearance is of great importance for many people. Correspondingly, the wellness sector is recording steady growth, which is accompanied by an increasing demand for trained specialists.

Thus, after successfully completing a cosmetics training course, the job market offers you good career opportunities, which you can even improve with further training.

You can specialize in certain areas and complete seminars and / or courses for color, style and type advice or cosmetics, natural cosmetics, nail design and more. Further training to become a make-up artist, a specialist in cosmetics and wellness or a master cosmetician is also conceivable.

Studying or distance learning is also conceivable; possible courses are, for example, make-up, cosmetics and detergent technology, or cosmetology (teaching at vocational schools). With the latter course, you can even aim to teach at a vocational school.

The profession of beautician offers you many opportunities for an interesting career. With some professional experience, entrepreneurial talent and the appropriate budget, you can also start your own business and open a nail salon, a beauty salon or a wellness center.

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