How can raw eggs cause an abortion?

What foods can cause a miscarriage?

That you're better off as a pregnant woman alcohol and raw meat renounced, most women already know. However, there are a number of other foods that can harm the development of the embryo. Various foods are even among the factors that promote miscarriage and should therefore be avoided at all costs during pregnancy.


Food can transmit pathogens

The unborn baby is in the uterus and is supplied by the placenta, the placenta. The placenta enables substances to be exchanged between the mother's blood and the child's blood, thereby ensuring that the unborn child is supplied with nutrients and oxygen. It protects the child's organism from various harmful substances by filtering. However, the placenta cannot keep all pollutants and toxins away from the embryo. To ensure the optimal development of the child and prevent miscarriage, pregnant women should pay close attention to their diet. Doctors and nutritionists strongly advise against certain foods because they can cause an abortion, a miscarriage.

  • Raw meat and raw fish: If meat and fish are not heated sufficiently, dangerous pathogens can nest in them and multiply. Bacteria such as listeria or salmonella are typical. In adults, intake leads to symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. If the pathogens reach the unborn child, serious infections and death of the embryo can occur. Toxoplasmosis, the causative agent of which (Toxoplasma) can be found in raw meat, can also lead to serious damage or miscarriage in the unborn child. Pregnant women should therefore absolutely like to eat raw meat and raw animal foods Mett, Raw sausage, sushi, Oysters or caviar dispense.

  • Raw milk products: The situation is similar with products made from raw milk. Such foods are not sufficiently heated during production and the pathogens can survive. That's why pregnant women should Avoid all types of raw milk and soft cheese. Also raw eggshow they look for example in fresh chocolate mousse or sometimes in mayonnaise find should not be consumed. With raw eggs there is a risk of Salmonella infection.
  • Smoked products: If food has been cold-smoked, there is also a risk that it will still contain pathogens. In order to protect the unborn child, pregnant women should therefore neither cold smoked fish still eat smoked meat.

  • Offal: Even if the liver and kidneys have a high content of important trace elements such as iron or magnesium, they are not recommended as food during pregnancy. The organs usually contain a high concentration of heavy metals that can damage the fetus. In addition, the liver contains a lot of vitamin A, which is also harmful to the embryo in the event of an overdose.

Food can also cause a miscarriage

  • Different spices: Do spices contain the substance Coumarin, they should only be consumed in small doses during pregnancy. The substance, which is found in cinnamon, cardamom or ginger, stimulates blood circulation and can premature labor trigger.
  • Salmiak or liquorice: Even if small liquorice sweets look harmless, pregnant women should refrain from foods that contain salmiac. The mineral can damage the fetus so severely that it leads to an abortion.

  • papaya: Unripe papaya contains a substance that can stimulate labor. Therefore, pregnant women should not consume these unripe fruits.

Malformations from tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Certain luxury foods such as Tobacco and alcohol do not lead directly to a miscarriage, but numerous studies have shown that they have a negative effect on the development of the embryo. Alcohol increases the risk of short stature, malformations or intellectual disabilities. Illegal drugs should never be used. On the one hand, they damage the child's development, on the other hand, there is a high level of uncertainty regarding the composition and, especially with heroin injections, the increased risk of infections. Anyone who suffers from an addiction should speak to a doctor they trust. Substitutes may be obtained that reduce the risk to the unborn child.

caffeine should only be consumed in very limited amounts during pregnancy. The amount should not exceed 200 milligrams per day (equivalent to about two cups of coffee). Caffeine can also be found, for example, in black and green tea, in cola and in energy drinks (the latter should be avoided entirely). Quinine, which is mainly contained in tonic water, should also be avoided by pregnant women, as it can trigger labor.

Proper handling of food protects against miscarriage

Overall, pregnant women should place great emphasis on hygiene and strive for germ-free food. For example, you should only go to restaurants and localities where you can rely on the hygienic preparation of the food. In addition, all raw foods should be washed and ideally cooked before consumption so that any pathogens that may be present are killed. If you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw, you should wash the food with lukewarm water. This also successfully removes harmful environmental toxins and pesticides from food. Nevertheless, organic products should be preferred because they are less polluting. In addition, pregnant women should be careful with water. Tap water from lead pipes may contain toxic heavy metals and should therefore not be drunk. It is better to use still water from the bottle here.