How can I donate money to Twitch

Internet Twitch Donations - Everything You Need To Know


Twitch streamers are often financed by donations from their viewers. But how can I donate money to someone on Twitch? And how can I set up a donation box on my own channel? We will answer these and other questions for you in the following article.

What are Twitch Donations?

Viewers can support a streamer with a donation on Twitch. The money can then be viewed as a kind of "tip". Some streamers have special gimmicks for donations, such as triggering small reactions during the stream or the streamer naming the donor in the video. But be careful: Your donation does not necessarily have any consequences for you. The streamer is not required to respond in any way, as donations are voluntary. So the following applies: If you really want to support a streamer, donate the amount of your choice to them. If you expect a small consideration for your donation, consider subscribing to the streamer instead. This unlocks special emotes and even more advantages for some streamers.

Twitch: Support your favorite streamer with donations

If your favorite streamer offers the possibility of a donation, you can find this in his Twitch info. As a rule, there is a button labeled "Spenden" / "Donations" or something similar. If you click on it, you will be taken to a donation page that is linked, for example, to PayPal or other external providers. Here you can then set an amount and pay using a corresponding payment method. Another option is to donate in Twitch Bits. 1 cent per bit goes to the streamer. Some streamers also offer their own links to wish lists, for example on Amazon. So you don’t donate a fixed amount of money, but can actually order physical items for your favorites. This works in such an automated way via public Amazon wish lists that a streamer does not have to reveal his address to his followers.

Twitch: Collect donations with a donation button

Have you built your own Twitch community? Then it's time for a donation button. Please note that these donations are entirely voluntary and have nothing to do with the subscription models offered. However, all Twitch income above a certain amount must be taxed - not only your income from subscriptions, but also all donations that you have received via the platform.

By the way: You can also receive donations via Twitch itself, in the form of bits. To do this, however, you need the affiliate status, which you first have to achieve with streaming.

In order to be able to accept donations via PayPal, you have to set up a PayPal.Me link. When setting up, you determine, among other things, how you want to receive the money. Usually there is the free version for friends & family. However, the full name stored with PayPal - i.e. first name and surname - is displayed to each donor. Instead, you should opt for the business variant (for freelancers). Here you have to assign 3% fees to PayPal for each donation, but you remain anonymous.

You can then add the link to your PayPal.Me page on Twitch as a panel on your channel page. To do this, click at the bottom of "Info" on the slider for "Edit panels". Then click on the large plus symbol to add a panel. In the new panel you then have to enter your PayPal.Me link under "Image links to". You can then edit the other settings of the panel as you would like for your channel. Don't forget to save!