What do you think about closing Kickass torrents

Operator of the largest torrent site Kickass arrested

The US authorities accuse the Ukrainian Artem V. that the entertainment industry lost billions in revenue through copyright infringement on his website Kickasstorrents (Kat). Now the 30-year-old has been arrested in Poland. He is considered the owner of what is now the largest torrent website, which has overtaken other top dogs such as Megaupload and Pirate Bay in recent years.

The website is currently no longer available. V. is said to have raised up to 22 million dollars a year through advertising, and according to charges against a Ukrainian company, he disguised Kat's business.

iCloud data transmitted

The US authorities apparently found out about him with Apple's help: The IT company gave them an insight into the records of V.'s iCloud account. This enabled him to be identified, located and finally arrested. The US now wants the Polish authorities to extradite him. A corresponding process could be completed in the next few weeks. The US is also fighting for the extradition of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who currently lives in New Zealand.

Action sharp

The move against Kickasstorrents shows the importance of the fight against copyright infringement for the US authorities. Almost all of the major torrent and streaming websites have already been confronted with significant police and legal countermeasures: In Sweden, the Pirate Bay servers were confiscated, and several founders wandered behind bars. Germany was hunting down the operators of kinox.to.

In Austria, the download of content is prohibited in the event of copyright infringement. De facto, however, there were no warnings in this area, but network blocks for certain sites. (red, July 21, 2016)