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The latest hype service 2.0 comes from the Californian startup Friendfeed. What the service of the same name does is as simple as it is ingenious: After creating a member account at Friendfeed, you can aggregate your bundled social media activities there and generate a feed that can of course also be subscribed to via RSS. In good German, you can bring your blog and Twitter entries, social, new videos and photos together on one page.
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Rene´Goldschadt: is a possibility to bundle feeds, aslo information, from Erzgebirge companies with blogs or feedable files and to make them available to the press or interested users of the Internet. These can be expanded to include countless services.

It seems worthwhile that companies can and should create their own FriendsFeeds. A lot can be thought of thematically in the still manageable framework. In this way, information about the motorcycle, the hotel or tourism in the Ore Mountains can be collected. Many a press man / woman needed less research and our companies can benefit from PR.

So, what is missing is a representative representation of the "collective feed" on our website. Then later, greetings René