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Apple iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G: UMTS, GPS, design

The iPhone 3G comes up with the fast UMTS data transmission standard. In addition, GPS was integrated. This means that navigation with the Apple mobile phone is now also possible. The design was also fine-tuned. The case is now completely black; the back is made of plastic. For this, Apple donated metal buttons to the iPhone 3G. The screen size remains unchanged at 3.5 inches.

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iPhone tariffs: It's getting cheaper

Apple has also tightened the prices vigorously - and down! The manufacturer officially charges only 199 euros for the eight-gigabyte model; the 16 gigabyte version costs 299 euros (as of June 9, 2008). With this, Apple is giving up its high-price policy for the iPhone and openly declaring war on the competition, especially the Blackberry cell phones.

In Germany, the iPhone 3G is available for as little as one euro - but only in conjunction with a very expensive mobile phone contract. In addition to T-Mobile, other dealers also offer the iPhone 3G. You can get the cell phone from the Apple dealer Gravis, in all Media Markt stores and from Debitel, among others. However, only in conjunction with a two-year T-Mobile contract.

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First results from the test laboratory
  • Internet: The iPhone 3G loads Internet pages faster than its predecessor, but the 3G - contrary to Apple's self-confident advertising - cannot display certain pages correctly.
  • Camera: Surprise: good photo image quality, but overall the camera still has a number of weaknesses.
  • Music and entertainment: contradictory: the music sounded good, but important functions are missing here too, such as the targeted search for pieces of music.
  • Robustness of the housing: Here the iPhone 3G is no longer as convincing as the old iPhone. The back of the previous model was more robust.
  • Basic functions: The sound quality when making calls and the radiation exposure show some clear differences to the old iPhone. For example, the microphone from the 3G absorbs wind noise more poorly than before, but the reception and transmission performance has improved.

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