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Without alcohol with Nathalie

How you can manage to live a life without alcohol

Because it's so much nicer sober.

I probably don't correspond to the picture you have in mind when you think of alcohol addiction. And that doesn't surprise me either. I had this picture in my head for a long time. And you know what? At first it stopped me from realizing my problem. Then it stopped me from doing anything about it. Until I finally made the best decision of my life: I stop drinking.

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How has Corona affected alcohol consumption? The University Hospital Nuremberg and the Central Institute ...

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I wish for you that you no longer just exist, but live.

How serious is your drinking behavior?

After this five-minute test, you will be able to assess yourself better where you stand with your drinking behavior.

In "Without Alcohol with Nathalie" I speak to people who have also overcome their alcohol addiction. You can learn from them, be inspired by them, or just be empowered. We tell and analyze, laugh and cry, we find similarities and differences, but above all we are honest and do not mince words.

What else awaits you in the podcast are carefully researched backgrounds that will open your eyes. Be it why alcohol marketing works so well or why alcohol is bad for your sleep. Be it why I don't call myself an "alcoholic" or why I haven't realized for a long time that I am addicted at all. You will definitely be a little smarter afterwards. And most of all, when you listen, you will realize that you are not alone. Because God, you are not. By far not. Have fun listening.

My programs

This program is based on my experiences and findings, on my research and the exchange with fellow destinies. I have now accompanied several hundred people on their way to a satisfied abstinence and would be happy to be able to help you too.

Do you love your independence and want to make sure that alcohol never enslaves you again?
Then you have already laid the foundation stone. Now you can start building. In this program, we take care of stabilizing your abstinence in such a way that you feel safe with it and can feel safe. In the end, you will know exactly what to do to stay sober over the long term.

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Here you will get a text from me every Friday afternoon, which will help you to understand your abstinence as a gift. Regardless of whether you are still fighting or have been sober for a long time: These emails remind you again and again why it is so worthwhile to live without alcohol.

You can expect backgrounds, tips, insights, stories, affirmations, film and book reviews, information about my performances and a lot of personal information.

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