Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof

Samsung is probably making the new foldables waterproof

Samsung could introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the summer and, according to SamMobile, a step is pending that I would not have expected.

The disadvantage of foldables is the hinge, which is vulnerable and not protected against water. That could change with the new generation, because Samsung is supposedly planning an IP certification for the foldables.

The exact IP certification is not known, but IP67 certification is actually standard in the smartphone scene if you want to advertise with it. It is also often used by Samsung in the current Galaxy flagships.

This would remove another disadvantage and it also shows how important the foldables are at Samsung. The company wants them to offer the same standard as other smartphones, only with the advantage that they can be opened. Only one thing will be exciting this year: the price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab is set to arrive in early 2022

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