What is the thinnest comfortable mattress

Thin mattresses - ideal for traveling or for guests

If you want to buy very thin mattresses, there are different - but also limited options. For example, it is not possible to use a spring mattress because the size is simply not sufficient to accommodate the spring technology. If thick mattresses are to be made thin, it also fails for logical reasons.

However, thin models have the advantage that they can be easily stowed away and can usually also be rolled. In this case, only roll mattresses made of foam or mattress topper come into question, which can also be used as mattresses if they are at least 7-8 cm thick.

Top recommendation for thin mattresses

Bestseller recommendation
Dibapur ® Black: Orthopedic ...
  • ✔ This roll mattress made of anthracite-black cold foam without cover is ideal for various ...
  • ✔ Furthermore, this mattress can also be used as acoustic insulation to absorb sound or noise ....

The 8 cm thick Dibapur Black cold foam mattress is the editors' top tip at this point. The particularly thin, but at the same time comfortable mattress can be rolled up and is ideal for a sudden visit or for transport. It can also be used as a support for mattresses that are too hard, for example. The Dibapur mattress is medium firm and suitable for people up to around 80 kg.

Thick vs. thin mattresses

Thick mattresses are often used in box spring beds, but are also popular with many consumers because of their special height. They can be purchased in an extra thick version up to 25 cm thick or more. However, this does not mean that the thick mattresses are necessarily better - it is more a matter of taste. What is certain, however, is that mattresses that are too thin cannot provide sufficient support.

Therefore, a minimum thickness of 7-8 cm should be given in order to create a reasonably comfortable sleeping experience. Mattresses that are thin have the main advantage in terms of weight and storage.

The best thin mattresses presented

The AmazonBasics comfort foam mattress, which is equipped with 7 zones and has a degree of hardness H3, is also very comfortable. It provides body-friendly support and adapts to the natural shape of the spine. It is also very easy to transport when rolled.

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In addition to the thin mattress mentioned, the ARBD mattress pad with a thickness of 7 cm is also recommended. This is originally used more as a support on an ordinary mattress, but thanks to its pleasant and comfortable properties, it can also be used on its own. However, only to be recommended if the mattress is to be particularly thin and space-saving. The 7-zone wave cut improves comfort enormously. Some customers simply lay the topper on a sofa.

Buying online can be worthwhile

The editors' tip - although buying in a local shop has advantages in terms of test beds, this step is not absolutely necessary with a thin mattress, which is usually used as a guest bed anyway.

In addition, most manufacturers offer a guarantee anyway, or the right of return comes into force. A thin mattress can therefore be bought online comfortably and at a particularly good price that you cannot get in a store.

Advantages and disadvantages of thin mattresses:

Inexpensive in price
Pleasant from the hardness
High durability

Less suitable for light people

Other good models at a glance:


A good and thin mattress with the best properties is the Dibapur model. But the other versions listed here can also be recommended if you are looking for a solid mattress for little money.