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How can my child learn English at home?

  • Your child should read the textbook texts aloud more often. You can also use the CDs that are now available with the workbooks. A very good option is to record texts (e.g. on the mp3 player) in order to listen to them later. Your child will usually also recognize their own speech defects when they hear the text.
  • If your child has problems with spelling, it is useful to copy texts from the book so that they can get used to the differences between spoken and written English. If your child has a LRS (reading and spelling disorder), do not overload them with writing. Be sure to speak to the teachers at the school.
  • Make sure the staple guide is clean. There must not be any mistakes in the vocabulary or in the grammar section. Please check the stapler (s) regularly.
  • The most effective, albeit the most complex, method of learning vocabulary is a flashcard, as described in most textbooks. On our page with the worksheets we offer some flash cards for download.
  • Be sure to use the appendix to the textbook. In addition to vocabulary and grammar, work techniques, for example, are also described there.

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We would also like to refer to our section Books for Parents. There we recommend useful books or writings.

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