Is it normal to feel sexually frustrated?

Lull in bed sex check: How often you do it depends on these factors

Even if it is emotionally correct, that does not mean that it also works in the box. How often (and how well) a couple has sex depends on many factors. We know and betray them.

At the beginning of a relationship, making love together usually comes first. It is normal that this high-performance frequency, at which you can hardly wait for the next time with your partner, slows down over the course of a longer partnership. So it doesn't matter if you don't jump together every day.

Love and sexuality are definitely two different things and sexual desire does not have to be tied to feelings. While some can have sex without being in love, one can love without having sex. And how often you sleep with each other in a relationship is ultimately just a number and does not necessarily say anything about sexual fulfillment. The topic of sex should never be neglected in the relationship: Especially if you want more action in bed again or are even frustrated that things are no longer so wild with your partner. Then it is all the more important to address the topic - sometimes it can help to realize which factors can determine how often you come to the climax together.

Sex in Relationship: These factors can affect sexual activityinfluence

1. Exhausting everyday life

Your boyfriend is always completely drained in the evening? Do you just want to go to bed after your working day? That is understandable. For most couples, the challenges and stress of everyday life are probably the most important factor that determines their intimate life. Because often there is simply too little time. High pressure at work, a learning phase during studies or an annoying boss leave their mark even after work. And between to-do lists and the ringing of an alarm clock, the desire for romance just doesn't want to arise. And yet: Stressful phases can always occur. But if your sexual needs are too tight under the constant tension, it might be time to change jobs.

Plan for physical closeness!

It may sound a little sober, but it is effective: sex on an appointment not only helps many couples to have more regular, but ultimately even more pleasurable sex. A fixed appointment leaves a lot of space for anticipation. And that is known to be the greatest joy.

2. Too lazy for sex

Of course, everyday life is stressful. But it is not infrequently just a welcome excuse to make yourself comfortable. After all, a cozy evening on the sofa is also nice - especially in a longer relationship, the cosiness sometimes gains through physical exertion. Because sex is always a little exhausting. But sex can also be a lot of fun and an orgasm is ultimately super relaxing. So it pays to put the remote control aside every now and then.

Just do it!

Appetite comes while eating. It is the same with sexual desire. Therefore only one thing helps: Take your sex life into your hands and overcome your weaker self in favor of eroticism. Why not right now?

3. Own dissatisfaction

Lust is not only created by external influences. Optical stimuli also play a role, but one's own sexuality is far more complex. Moods, emotions, flirtations and, above all, your own satisfaction are much more decisive for sexual pleasure. We have to feel attractive about ourselves in order to be desired. Anyone who does not feel comfortable in their body therefore has less desire for sex.

Pamper yourself every now and then!

If you take care of your body and treat it to something good on a regular basis, you will immediately feel much better. How about, for example, a good-smelling body lotion? Or new lingerie? Exercise can also help you feel better. Movement not only ensures that the muscles grow, but also ensures that happiness hormones are released.

4. Uncertainty: Will I get a basket?

The fear of rejection is one of the greatest pleasure killers of all. Especially if you haven't been intimate as a couple for a long time, your partner may be unsure whether you still find him attractive. On the other hand, there can of course be uncertainties on your side that your friend doesn't know about.

Show your feelings!

If you want to open yourself physically, you first have to do it emotionally. For your partnership this means: Talk about your sexuality, your fears and wishes. It is certainly not always easy, but in a partnership it is important to get rid of uncertainties and misunderstandings.

5. Dispute: pleasure or frustration?

Arguing is one of those things. Some couples get the quarrel under control quickly and are then all the more happy about mutual reconciliation sex. For other couples, an argument can also lead to a problem. Because emotional injuries are sometimes so deep that physical closeness cannot be allowed.

Talk, talk, talk

The same applies to this topic: first speak, then have fun. Even if it is difficult: Only those who speak extensively and calmly with their partner are emotionally ready for sex. Pouting and arguing are useless. In the end, you are wasting valuable time.

6. Hormones: Lust arises (also) physically

Pleasure takes place to a large extent in the head, but not exclusively. Our hormonal balance is also responsible for our sense of pleasure. If certain hormone activities are disturbed, some people feel less pleasure. The result: calm in bed.

Talk to the doctor!

Gynecologists and hormone specialists specialize in such problems. You can run tests that accurately determine the status of your hormone activity. Above all, diet, lifestyle, but also the use of certain medications (e.g. pills) play a role here. It's best to talk to your doctor.

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