How do you stretch shoes wider

Tips and tricks - wide your shoes: It works with these home remedies

New shoes are fun - and often blisters too. However, with a few simple tricks and home remedies, you can easily stretch your shoes.

Sneakers, sneakers or leather shoes: New shoes can lead to blisters and pressure points, especially at the beginning. But that need not be. In addition to professional solutions, there are also a few simple home remedies that you can use to walk comfortably even with new shoes.

Let the shoemaker widen your shoes

A specialist can widen your leather shoes with special tensioners. He can also give you tips on cloth and imitation leather shoes that are pushy. The prices for stretching vary, but shouldn't be more than 15 euros.

Expand shoes with a spray

Special stretching sprays are available in retail outlets that you can use to stretch your leather shoes. Most products have to be sprayed on the outside and inside of the shoe. Then put on your shoes and walk around with them for a while. Ideally, the shoe will then have adapted to your foot. You may have to repeat the procedure.

Widen shoes at home with shoe trees

Another way you can widen your shoes yourself is with shoe trees. Simple models stretch your shoes evenly. You can adjust the width and length of special screw-on shoe trees. So you can widen your shoes according to your needs.

In any case, after you have inserted the tensioner, you should check after a while whether the desired width fits your feet. If this is the case, it is best to leave the tensioner in the shoe overnight. Experts recommend products made of wood instead of plastic, as these can absorb moisture from the shoes and at the same time the air can circulate in the shoes.

When inserting shoe trees, pay attention to how the material of your shoes reacts. If it shows cracks or unsightly dents, you should not continue to use the tensioner.

Widen shoes cheaply with newspaper

A very inexpensive way to stretch shoes that are too tight is to stuff them with damp newspaper. To do this, moisten crumpled newspaper and stuff it into the places in your shoes that pinch and let the shoes stand overnight. If they are still too tight the next day, repeat the process.

Warm air expands shoes

Another simple trick is widening your shoes with the blow dryer. Put on the too tight shoes with thick socks. Warm them up on the outside with a hair dryer. Make sure that the device is not set too hot so as not to overuse the material.

After warming up, you should treat leather shoes with creams and other care products. This will avoid damaging the shoes.

Stretch your shoes with water and vinegar

If you want to stretch shoes that are too tight, it can help to walk in the shoes for some time with socks that are damp with water. Even a mixture that consists of equal parts water and vinegar can widen tight spaces. To do this, either spray the shoes with the vinegar mixture or dab the affected areas with it.

Can you widen all of them to tight shoes?

Many of the tips above only work on leather shoes. Shoes made of fabric, synthetic leather and other materials are often not as flexible. Therefore, try out the methods mentioned carefully and, if in doubt, ask a shoemaker for his assessment.

First aid against blisters

If you notice in everyday life that shoes are getting too tight for you, you can buy gel cushions or insoles in stores that take the pressure off. If blisters have already formed, plasters can help.

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