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Buy gold

Buying gold

Anyone who has fallen for the magic of gold or acquires gold for investment reasons or for reasons of security (gold as an iron reserve is far from obsolete) now has many options.

Storage of gold is superior

But first you should (especially with larger amounts of gold) think about the correct storage of the "gold treasure". Because gold in the form of gold coins, gold bars but also as gold jewelry are easy prey for burglars, which can then be turned into money by them without leaving any trace.

If you have no problem with not storing gold at home, a bank safe is recommended. For your own four walls you should (for larger quantities) consider purchasing a safe.

If the storage problem is solved satisfactorily, you can devote yourself to buying gold coins or gold bars. Here you will find tips and methods for investing gold, the following tips for buying gold:

Buy gold at the bank

Normally you still buy gold coins or gold bars from the bank today. As soon as you think the time is right to buy gold (ideally you should buy gold when the gold market is quiet - high prices are recorded in times of panic), you should go to your bank.

If you intend to buy larger amounts of gold, it is advisable to call the branch beforehand. Banks and savings banks only have small quantities of gold coins and gold bars in stock - larger quantities must be requested from their headquarters.

In the case of larger quantities, the price can also be negotiated - inquiries do not cost anything. If you only buy a small gold ducat, there will hardly be any room for negotiation. With 10 great Philharmonic orchestras (or more) things look different.

If the delivery of the gold is still a bit long in coming and you are assuming that the gold price will rise in the meantime, you could also secure the current daily rate through skillful negotiation - which can of course backfire (in the event of falling rates) ...

Please note that the selling prices (as well as the buying prices) of gold are not subject to any price regulation: The desired amount of gold could, for example, be available much cheaper at the neighboring bank. So don't just consult your house bank for bulk purchases.

Buy gold from a specialist

Shopping at the bank does not always have to be the cheapest option. Geldmarie has already heard praise for the "Schoeller M├╝nzhandel" from many quarters. Specialists in gold and coins know and can often do more than the bank branch.

Coin collectors will also find out about new releases and news from the Austrian Mint on an ongoing basis. By the way, you can buy some items online from both companies - see link tips.

Certainly there is a fair price at both the Austrian Mint and the Schoeller M├╝nzhandel. You will probably get quality from other coin dealers (online or in stores) - the prices at various coin dealers are usually higher than those of the specialists mentioned.

Buy gold on the internet

The purchase of coins (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) on the Internet has also become very popular. You will find a myriad of offers at online auction houses such as Ebay.

In the meantime, however, these are mostly offers from commercial providers (coin dealers) - you will hardly find bargains with such providers. Only at auctions (i.e. no offers at a fixed price) could one or the other cheap purchase arise.

In such cases, however, pay attention to the vendor's rating profile - and especially to the description of the gold pieces (and coins of all kinds).

Be sure to inquire beforehand about the current market value of the gold coin or gold bullion. You don't necessarily have to offer more than the bank around the corner is asking for. Postage and insurance fees can make cheap internet shopping very expensive.

The same applies to the myriad of other Internet offers in the field of gold. As a rule, these Internet offers are more expensive than buying from a bank or specialist. In individual cases, however, a bargain can of course also be achieved here.

In Austria, the "Pro Aurum" offer stands out positively in this regard. The prices of this internet specialist for gold are always at the current market level, the range of coins and gold bars is wide. In any case, the company is reputable and you can also visit the store.

Here you will find a list of gold dealers for your orientation as well as one that we carry out every six months: Price comparison of gold

Buying gold from private

From time to time, a good purchase price for gold can also be achieved in the private sphere. If you hear, for example, that someone wants to sell their gold coin collection, you can take over the bank function here: Simply offer the seller the middle rate (difference between the buying rate and the bank's selling rate). This means that sellers and buyers get out well and fairly.

Unfortunately, only a few gold sellers chat out loud about your intentions - this keeps such (good) deals within limits. Such bargains can be found from time to time on Ebay & Co. - but here you have to expect additional shipping costs (as already mentioned above).

If you are more interested in selling gold, here is some information: Selling gold

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