Should exhale longer than inhale

Breathing: so simple and yet so effective

Breathing, that activity that is so simple and that you do all the time without even thinking about it, is the key to successfully dealing with everyday situations: fighting stress or anxiety, so that you can regain your footing as you get through Feeling drawn to the flow of everyday life to deal with a strong emotion ...

The power of breathing:

For your body ...

Taking time to breathe better will help you relax your muscles (especially the neck and shoulder muscles) and better oxygenate your blood and organs. Full and deep breathing also lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

... for your mind

Inhaling deeply means taking time to relax. This means listening to your body and finding your calm again. This good breathing sends the message to your body and your brain: "Everything is fine, there is no danger." This has a direct effect of reducing stress. Breathing is also an excellent way to regulate your emotions: how often has not a deep breath helped you alleviate your worries?

From chest breathing to abdominal breathing

When you are active, under the effects of stress, or simply out of habit, you may breathe with only your chest: this is called chest breathing. You breathe in, the air rushes into your lungs, but tends to stay up. You might even pull your stomach in and your shoulders up. In this way, the air can quickly get outside again without having reached the bottom of your lungs and without having delivered all of its oxygen. This is even more true if you breathe quickly or intermittently.

Abdominal breathing, on the other hand, requires you to breathe the air all the way down, first "filling" your stomach and then the middle and upper parts of the lungs. You then breathe out all of the air from the top of your lungs to the bottom. This type of breathing takes a little longer, but provides more oxygen and relaxation due to the slowness of movement. It requires that you pay attention to your breathing and be aware of the mechanisms in your body.

Start breathing well: exercise

To practice this full breathing, place your hand flat on your stomach to feel where to "fill" it. Inhale into your stomach and then into your chest without moving your upper body. You can inhale by counting to 6, for example. Then exhale slowly. The exhalation must take longer than the inhalation to provide relief and return you to rest. Exhale by counting to 8. If you feel stress or a strong emotion arise, do this exercise 5 or 6 times and you will immediately feel the positive effects.

Your breathing accompanies you no matter where. You can do this exercise in all situations: sitting in the car (when the car is stationary ...), standing in the bus, lying on your bed ... It is important that you focus your attention on your breathing and concentrate on your breathing.

Breath work is a pillar of several disciplines, including meditation, yoga or sophrology. Performing any of these relaxation techniques regularly will help you master abdominal breathing.

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