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Telekom: These customers get MagentaEINS Plus

Details about MagentaEINS Plus
Photo: Telekom As reported, Deutsche Telekom is now offering MagentaEINS Plus, a convergent tariff for landline and mobile communications. From a monthly basic fee of 80 euros, customers get a telephone and an Internet connection with an all-network flat rate and a real data flat rate - both in the fixed network and in the mobile network.

However, Telekom also admitted that initially only selected existing and new customers have the opportunity to get MagentaEINS Plus. For those interested who cannot get the new tariff directly, Telekom provides a database of interested parties. As soon as bookings or changes are technically possible, the affected customers should be informed by Telekom.

Minimum 28 Mbit / s required in the fixed network

Details about MagentaEINS Plus
Photo: Telekom But what restrictions are there when booking? We asked the Telekom press office. According to this, the landline connection must provide a bandwidth of at least 28 Mbit / s - via VDSL. The expansion by means of hybrid does not count at this point and in general, hybrid connections are not included with MagentaEINS Plus for the time being.

Hybrid connections (and ADSL due to the insufficient bandwidth) are not the only exceptions: Customers with a fiber optic connection will not get MagentaEINS Plus for the time being. Basically, the glass fiber should not be left out permanently. However, Telekom has not yet been able to say when the target group for the new convergence tariff will be expanded to include FTTH households.

MagentaTV only as an OTT version for the time being

Existing customers who use MagentaTV in the IPTV variant cannot currently switch to MagentaEINS Plus either. If required, new customers can use the TV program in the OTT version. However, real IPTV is planned for the new tariff. However, it is not yet known when the option will be available and what additional costs will be incurred.

Family cards or MultiSIM cards cannot be transferred to the new world of tariffs either. It is not really clear whether customers who have booked these products generally cannot switch or whether they are informed about alternatives. Instead of the family cards, the community cards from MagentaEINS Plus could be used.

Connect the smartwatch to the Connect Card

Anyone who owns a smartwatch can order a connect card for 5 euros per month, which is delivered as a physical card or eSIM and is intended for smart watches such as the children's watch or an Apple Smartwatch Cellular. In the future, Apple will emphasize the independence of the watch, i.e. the watch will also get its own phone number via the connect card.

A data card is recommended for use in the mobile router (MiFi).

Classic MultiSIM (with the same phone number) are not yet possible in the Magenta Eins Plus tariff.

Restrictions on number portability

Another restriction affects new customers: it is not possible to take phone numbers from other landline providers with you at the start of the new Telekom tariff. Interested parties would therefore get a new landline phone number. Importing a mobile phone number from another provider to MagentaEINS Plus is, however, already possible.

Update: Also pay attention to booked additional packages

If you could book the Magenta Eins Plus tariff at your own address, but the booking process then fails, it could simply be because storage space has already been booked at This is still an exclusion criterion at the first attempt.

No customers in regional tariffs yet

Customers in the so-called "Magenta-Regio" tariffs, whose landline line is "supplied" by a third-party supplier to Telekom (but the invoice comes from Telekom), unfortunately cannot benefit from the new option at a later date The timing seems to be planned.

Workarounds to make it work

Anyone who wants to book the tariff immediately and soon, could cancel the "bulky" products or options such as MagentaTV, MultiSIM or Magentacloud beforehand. While a tariff change from existing contracts to Magenta EinsPlus is possible for everyone, the MagentaTV option cannot be canceled without further ado unless the date (coincidentally) fits. It is therefore advisable to wait until further options have been entered into the complex Telekom tariff database.

New telephony package?

If you are wondering about the "telephony package" to be booked when booking Magenta Eins Plus: Magenta Eins Plus is basically a combination of Internet connection and mobile phone connection. Magenta Eins Plus customers of course receive three telephone numbers for the fixed network part, which are contained in a "telephony package". This package is formally priced at 19.95 euros per month, but for Magenta-Eins-Plus customers it is already included in the total price.

Security package included

The Community security package is also included in the Magenta Eins Plus package free of charge. The core is the security software from Norton, which can be downloaded and used free of charge for your Windows PC or Android smartphone.

Rental devices for the landline network - later

Rental devices in the fixed network (e.g. routers) are also not yet possible at the start, i.e. one would either have to continue using an existing router or buy a new one. The devices should also be rentable again at a later point in time.

Be sure to show interest

Even if the desired tariff is not yet possible at the moment: click on the question about "interest" and leave an e-mail address that you can reach. It is essential to acknowledge the received confirmation email there by clicking on the link. You will then receive a message as soon as the new tariff is available for your own situation.