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Top topics on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest and most used platforms in the world, which is why you will find numerous topics there that are taken up by many well-known users and are particularly popular with their subscribers. Here you can find out what topics are involved and how you can find suitable hashtags.


Both in real life and in the world of social media, fashion is a very popular and big topic.

More than half a billion posts on the platform show clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and much more, for example on the hashtags #style and #fashion.

In addition, on Instagram you always get to know the latest fashion trends and see what is popular with other users.

Fashion retailers in particular have a great advantage as a result of this and the introduction of the in-app purchase process.


#food is a topic that is becoming more and more popular with Instagram users.

Whether vegetarian, vegan or with meat, from main courses to desserts you will find recipes for almost every dish.

The variety is great and so is the interest in articles in which you can learn more about the preparation and serving of different dishes and also get the opinions of other users in the comments.

to travel

Especially now that over time it becomes easier for many people to work from anywhere, posts from the beach, the mountains, or traveling around different countries are becoming increasingly popular.

Under the hashtag #travel you will find countless pictures and videos of incredible places in this world, which are sure to make you want to explore this world more closely.

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If you look around a bit on the "Discover" page, you will probably come across a few posts from perfectly trained fitness models every now and then.

This is also no longer uncommon. More and more coaches are using the platform to gain numerous followers with whom they can share their training plans, nutrition tips and inspiration.

Since there are many people who would like to be healthier, more beautiful and fitter, contributions of this kind are in great demand.


Instagram also has a lot to offer in terms of architecture and interior design. Under the hashtags #design, #home or #interior design you will find a lot of inspiration on how to design your home or office.


Similar to the topic of "fitness", content about nutrition particularly attracts people who want to feel more beautiful and fitter.

Posts to the hashtags #vegan, #healthy or #organic inspire many users to lead a healthier lifestyle.


That could be interesting for all photographers.

Meanwhile, Instagram users are looking more and more often at posts that show beautiful landscapes or incredible natural events. Sunrises and sunsets or enchanting snow images are particularly popular.


Inspiration is what a lot of people are looking for.

There are many different ways you can inspire people. Whether in the creative area in the form of handicraft or sewing instructions or on the topics of “travel”, “sport” or “health”, Instagram users like to be inspired and like to browse the platform for new ideas.

A constant source of inspiration are motivational quotes or ancient wisdom that you can use to help your subscribers start their day well.

How do you find suitable hashtags?

When you have a finished picture that you would like to upload to Instagram, think about which topic it fits. Is it a landscape picture, fitness instruction or a motivating slogan?

Now you can check which hashtags already exist on this topic. The more relevant the hashtag and the more hashtags you use, the greater the likelihood that your post will be found.

In addition, you will find various generators on the Internet that you can use to find suitable hashtags for Instagram.

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into what kind of posts you will mostly find on the big Instagram platform.

Of course there are still many small niches, but these are the most popular topics and maybe there is the right one for you!

Your Helen