What screams i'm a good neighbor

Neighbor yells screams and offended

hi Guys
I have a problem with my neighbor

I am on 1.5. 19 moved into a new apartment it is a house with 2 apartments and a doctor's office
I got the key for the new apartment in mid-April because the apartment had been empty for about 6 months
After receiving the keys, I obviously moved some things from the old apartment to the new one, so there was the first balawa that left him.
The hallway would be very dirty all the time. I should kindly take the protection away
Only me pers. As well as my helpers could not find any dirt or filth
I didn't give anything on it and kept carrying my furniture into the apartment
One day there was a note on my door
That when the hallway is very dirty that needs to be cleaned
I also hung a note on his door where it said that if the hallway was very dirty I would also like to clear the dirt away, which is logical and that it bothers me that he doesn't even knock around with me Pers. To talk

Then there was another note on my door where he called me a liar and threatened me with the police and that I had been moving for 4 months, etc. which was wrong because it was still at the end of April and I only got the key 2 1 / Had 2 weeks

When he heard that I was there, he stood in front of his door and mauled me directly at what would occur to me and louder things like that he was getting louder and hysterical and my mother was standing next to me and suddenly he said that my mother was unlikely to him and he doesn't want to talk to her, goes in and slams the door.

I didn't give a damn, I was so pissed off inside but thought come on he's giving himself up

Dan also had 10 full days of rest because, among other things, he was away for 3 days and I was not there for 2 days of the 10 days

About 3 days ago there was suddenly a cleaning plan written by himself on the wall so that everyone who goes to the practice reads the note where from February it says when and on which day he cleaned, I thought okay, I'll write a plan myself and hang it up him next to my apartment door
Today the neighbor came home after the 3 days he was gone and crossed out the dates I wrote down when I cleaned and the date was next to his name
Then I wrote a piece of paper and hung it on the door where it said that the data should not be deleted and the comments should not be deleted and that he should not miter the dirt from the stairs under the floor mats but into the garbage comes

My colleague noticed all of this and is really mad at him.

My question what should I do & excl;

On Monday I will first go to my landlord and tell them that I'm just afraid that they will believe the other person more and that I may move out again
What do you say?