Which will cause the vinyl siding to turn green

Camouflage Vinyl Siding - Mossy Oak

Vinyl siding is a popular home siding material option, but has long been criticized for sometimes looking a bit unnatural or fake as siding material.

Similar to aluminum siding, vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles including vertical, textured, and horizontal siding, and comes in a range of pre-folded colors. Some of these colors were more "exotic". Since it appears that some of these "exotic" vinyl siding paints weren't found in nature, it was somewhat deserved review.

But vinyl siding now has a green look!

A Continental Siding product creates a Mossy Oak® camouflage look on vinyl sidewalls. The product is called WildSide Camo Siding and was developed for applications where the building needs to be integrated into the forest or forest.

Whether you are looking for siding material for your shed, garage or hunting blind or cabin in the woods, this product may be of interest. The siding completes the camo look by using a KYNAR® PVDF film, which offers the Mossy Oak camouflage look and offers good color protection.

While not for everyone or every application, this camo offers a great green alternative to the old vinyl siding problem of "colors not found in nature".

Vinyl siding is a good siding choice for homes, but it can get damaged. Repairing vinyl siding can sometimes be tricky when trying to match a specific color. Adjusting this camo side panel, however, will make repairing side panels a breeze.