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Los Santos: a spacious, sun-drenched metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and forgotten celebrities. Once envied by the rest of the western world, the city is now fighting doom in a time of economic uncertainty and cheap reality TV.

In the midst of the chaos, three very different criminals forge their own plans for survival and success: Franklin, a street crook who is out for the right opportunity and big bucks; Michael, a veteran criminal and ex-convict whose retirement is far less rosy than hoped; and Trevor, a brutal psychopath driven by the search for a cheap drug high and the next big thing. With no other option left for the crew, the three put all on one card in a series of daring and dangerous heists that would have provided for the rest of their lives.

Grand Theft Auto V offers the largest, most dynamic and varied open game world ever created, combining storytelling and gameplay in a whole new way. The player repeatedly switches back and forth between the lives of the three main characters and thus experiences all sides of the interwoven story.

All the characteristic features of the groundbreaking series also characterize the latest installment, including the incredible attention to detail and the black-humored interpretation of contemporary culture typical of Grand Theft Auto. In addition, there is a brand new and ambitious approach to multiplayer in an open game world.

Grand Theft Auto V, developed by series creator Rockstar North, is available worldwide for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will be released this fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Los Santos and Blaine County

The entire game world of Grand Theft Auto V - by far our largest open world to date - with its culturally and geographically extremely diverse areas can be fully explored from the start of the game. In the huge metropolis of Los Santos and in rural Blaine County you will meet worn-out celebrities, drug addicts, party-goers, dangerous gangs, hikers, rockers and all sorts of other colorful characters. Everything is freely accessible, from mountain peaks through the streets of Los Santos to the bottom of the sea.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor


The three playable protagonists, Michael, Franklin and Trevor live in different parts of the city, have their very own lifestyle and their own problems, attitudes, desires and goals - but they know how to work together. And when the going gets tough, each of them brings their own unique skills with them.


He's a seasoned bank robber and has the kind of knowledge that only years of successful criminal career bring. Michael currently lives in retirement and enjoys the joys of an unofficial witness protection program, but this life is not without its pitfalls: Michael has a wife who spends the money with full hands and two spoiled offspring who he does not understand at all. Michael managed to get out and got everything he wanted - and still feels bad.


Always on the lookout for real opportunities and big money, former street crook Franklin works for an Armenian luxury car dealer. He pulls ambitious young guys who have just made money by selling them expensive sleds that they cannot afford. If they can no longer pay the installments but cannot return the goods, it is Franklin's job to get the vehicles back.


Other people's rules don't interest Trevor much. He's an extremely unsteady guy who takes drugs regularly, likes to see red, and is prone to violent outbursts. A long time ago he and Michael shot a few things together. Otherwise, the less you say about Trevor, the better.

Leisure activities

The open game world of Grand Theft Auto V is not only enormous, it also offers more possibilities than ever before. If you want to relax, you can play a game of golf or tennis, relax with yoga or cycle through the area ... If you are looking for the adrenaline rush, you can parachute over the city or do your cheetah and take part in a street race for money. Of course, you can also make money the old-fashioned way: by just taking it - whether you're raiding liquor stores or buying and taking over companies that bring you dividends ... And even if you just take a walk, you could meet one of the many crazy people, junkies, drunkards or movie stars of Los Santos - and suddenly you are in the middle of some completely unexpected mess ...


Petty crime, pimping and car theft won't get you up in Los Santos. To get the real deal, Michael, Franklin and Trevor must work together and carry out daring heists - large, multi-part missions that you carefully plan, select the right people for, and execute with precision (and often with quite a bang). Money rules the world of GTA V, and although there are many ways to earn and spend it, the only big money can be made with robberies.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online offers a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that initially shares gameplay features, the world and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but continues to develop and expand with content from Rockstar after the launch Games and the Grand Theft Auto community. Grand Theft Auto Online takes the fundamental concepts of GTA - freedom, surrounding activities, and mission-based gameplay - and makes them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and vibrant online world.

Grand Theft Auto Online gives players the freedom to go exploring, alone or together, to complete missions together, to team up to take part in activities and dynamic events or to compete in traditional game modes with the entire community - all with the typical flair and the sophisticated game mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V.

Players can invest in their characters by changing their appearance, improving their stats, owning their own tuned vehicles, buying their own real estate and participating in missions, jobs and activities that continually offer new opportunities to work your way up as a criminal. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly being expanded and developed with new content. This creates the first persistent and dynamic Grand Theft Auto game world.

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every copy of Grand Theft Auto V purchased.

GTA V: The Manual

GTA V: The Manual is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V. It contains more than 100 pages that explain everything from the controls and the specifics of the game to introducing the individual districts and activities in Los Santos and Blaine County. There is also a special interactive version of the map that you can enlarge and explore.

  • Download for mobile phone and tablet:

Fast cars: get in, drive off!

Thanks to the foresight of a consortium of automakers, petroleum and tire manufacturers, arduous mass transportation was abolished in Los Santos 60 years ago.

That paved the way for many wonderful kilometers of highway. Would you like to whiz down the highway in a fancy sports car or explore the open terrain of Blaine County in an SUV? Save yourself annoying salespeople and choose from a fantastic range of vehicles online. Impress hot soccer moms with a practical limousine like the Annis or the Imponte ... or roll down Rockford Drive in style in a luxurious superior Oracle and meet incredibly mindless people.

Check out these HOT specials from one of Los Santos' renowned dealers - Simeon Yetarian of Premium Deluxe Motorsport.


“You have to be something special for a car like this. A trendsetter, an individualist, a winner. Someone who takes risks, who gets what they want without looking at the fine print. Is that you? Come to my showroom on Pillbox Hill and I'll prove you are. This car is HOT! With this highly attractive financing, it will sell out quickly. ”- Simeon Yetarian, Premium Deluxe Motorsport


“Look at this car and ask yourself what price can so much style, status and elegance have? Then forget about the price, because I offer flexible financing that adapts to every budget. Don't let society and banks tell you what you can afford. No credit? No problem! You are welcome here! I want everyone to live the American dream, just like me. ”- Simeon Yetarian, Premium Deluxe Motorsport


“I can't imagine what it is like to have a midlife crisis or to be ignored by women, but if I could I wouldn't hesitate to invest a small part of my future income in such a sports car. Many of you probably think that a Voltic is an unattainable dream, but I can tell you that with creative financing I can make this dream come true - WITHOUT a credit check. Drive it today WITH NO deposit! ”- Simeon Yetarian, Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Economy and trade on the rise!

Booming economy

The stock market produces millionaires every day who know how to compete in the market. Thanks to online trading at BAWSAQ, you can now get involved and bet on stocks that you have read about to be dead sure. Or do it like many hedge fund managers and use the time-honored traditions of insider trading and corporate espionage.

Then take your profit and invest in the volatile Los Santos real estate market. In order to achieve something in this city, one should perhaps buy a building.

Fleeca Bank • Bank of Liberty • Maze Bank • Dynasty 8

Affordable health care

Your choice of hospital says a lot about you

Be sure to choose the one with the largest advertising budget. You will see advertisements for the legendary Mt. Zonah Clinic all over town. Thanks to the legislature: Regardless of whether you get a harmless scratch or a serious gunshot wound - every state-certified medical center will patch you up and let the taxpayer settle the hefty bill.

Three out of four *

San Andreas residents are in some kind of therapy right now. Why not visit a local psychiatric health care specialist like the recognized therapist and mentor Dr. Isiah in his popular practice on the beautiful coast near Pacific Bluffs?
* Los Santos census 1990

Do you prefer self-medication?

There are many dispensaries for those tired of running out of marijuana.

The great outdoors

Hunters and adventurers alike will find great athletic challenges in Blaine County's vast wilderness. Shoulder your rifle and hunt dangerous wild animals, climb majestic Mount Chiliad, or rent a plane and go skydiving.

Air travel for every budget

Just imagine how she will adore you when you say you're a producer and your private jet is waiting. The former may be untrue, but thanks to unpredictable traffic blackouts on roads and freeways, traveling in the air is the real way to go. Jet from Los Santos International Airport for a short trip to picturesque Paleto Bay on Blaine County's north coast and hit her while she's still high on the heights and nogo vodka. Our wide range of aircraft leaves none of your travel and transport needs unfulfilled. Sign up to and purchase luxury aircraft from Luxor and Shamal jetliners to premium helicopters and more.

Shopping and glamor

The experience of shopping in Los Santos attracts tourists from near and far. From perfectly tailored jet-set couture in the chic shops of Rockford Hills to the fucked up no-bother drug addict hipster atmosphere in Hawick - there is a wide range of options for fashion enthusiasts willing to buy. But please do something for your head too: let the crazy hairdressers give you a new haircut in one of the hip hairdressing salons like Mr Kutz and Beachcombover.

Brawls • CaCa • Bob Mulét Hair & Beauty • Ponsonbys • Rockford Hills • Portola Drive • Rockford Plaza

Brandon C. ***

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the hair is the tapestry of an awake spirit. This is why they are always mixed up and often need to be cut out, like a lobotomy. I'm wearing an exaggerated mohawk. Thank you, Bob Mulét.

Lee J. **

When I first went to Bob Mulét, I was a little worried that they would just work with crazy, hip designs and persuade me to do something I later regret - like my husband and his best friend back then. But the nice lady gave me a cut that makes me stand out, but which also hides my shame.

Erick R. ****

If I ask to have my rat tail proudly on the back of my neck, I don't need a hairdresser who rolls his eyes and sighs deeply. I need someone who understands me. And Bob Mulét understood how much I love the 80s. And women like to hold a rat tail while they look deep into your eyes and ride you for a fee.

Doug A. *****

The stylist brushed my shoulder as she leaned over to trim my bangs. I could smell her perfume - she wears Le Chien. She asked me questions as if she actually cared about me. Serena is my only human contact and the reason I come here every week. Hopefully one day I can kidnap her and make her my wife.

Topher C. ****

As my hairline continued to recede, I struggled to conceal it in creative ways. Thanks to Bob Mulét, I stopped spraying paint, taking testosterone tablets and crying on my scalp. They shaved me nicely and taught me to accept my new life. Mature age, here I am.

Marion D. *****

I work as a life coach and tell people what to do with their lives. Bob Mulét advises me what to do with my hair. Some animals make themselves bigger to deter hunters. I do this with my hair. I make guys cold in no time. I also give this advice to my customers.

Politicians you can trust

These are very exciting times because we are in the hot phase of the election campaign for the governor's post: Sue Murry is running against the conservative challenger and famous film and television star Jock Cranley. Your vote counts - it's about the future of San Andreas!

Automobile finishing workshops

Los Santos citizens are extremely proud of their cars. You spend most of the day in it. If you want to beautify your sled, come to LS Customs, because nothing screams "style" as flashy as neon. Individual rims, paintwork, body kits and more make your car your car.

Beaches and water sports

Our coastal regions and beautiful lakes and rivers are a dream come true for anyone looking for water adventure. Come and relax, swim on our beaches (unless it's shortly after a storm, when the sewage is toxic) or dive to the bottom of the sea. Allegedly, with the help of the right diving equipment, avid marine explorers are said to have made some exciting finds in coastal waters.

Friendly neighbors

The streets are populated with all sorts of people who coordinate the colors of their clothes and appreciate leisure activities like territorial conflicts and the pharmaceutical trade. Get enlightened with a member of The Epsilon Program or venture to Blaine County, where strangers can always find helping hands.

Local handicrafts

Stand out through body art

Anyone who is self-respecting has ink on their skin and metal on their face. Visit one of the tattoo studios in town, like Ink Inc or Blazing Tattoo, and let one of the talented and well-trained artists help you make a decision that will last forever.

Are you in mourning because of the ex? Are you newly divorced? Like cat pictures? Or do you want sexy ass antlers? It's all up to you.

Just take a look around the store!


After graduating from college in physics and starting a family, Spider decided to change his life, form a rock band, date freaky girls, and open a tattoo parlor.

VIP customers and their stories

  • “I wanted to have something covered and the guys were just great. That's how you go through phases in life. I think the devil, the demons crawl out of the vagina, is behind me. I have calmed down and no longer hate women so much. ”- Luis Francesco
  • “I wanted something on my back as a message to my lover when he takes me from behind: 'Do you see the cross with the skull? Never leave me, otherwise I'll kill you. ‘Then I usually cry and he has to hug me. It's really spiritual. ”- Ramon Jenkins
  • “I wanted something with style, so I picked a heart with my brother's name across it. My friend got madly jealous, but he just doesn't understand this special bond between us. ”- Shelia White
  • “I really wanted to have stabbed my whole arm, but that was too expensive for me. Then a friend told me about this shop and said it was dirt cheap. When making a life-long decision, always choose the cheapest. ”- Tone Sampson
  • “I need a tattoo to remember my grandmother, so I dedicated the skull on my arm to her. I'm sorry I killed you, Granny. ”- Frederico Nathan


Boonie is a tattoo artist from Liberty City who visits us and loves doing genital piercings.


Chico stopped by to get a new word under the name of his wife on his arm.

Exclusive country clubs

Feel like a VIP!

If you're just lazy or can't find a servant to haul your luggage, just drive around in a little electric cart, even though you wouldn't get into a hybrid car to kill yourself.


Los Santos Country Club has been accused of many things, but never of being particularly inviting. Formality, tradition and correctness have top priority in this exclusive club. Corporate moguls and celebrities are all treated with the same condescension.

The start of a new era

Due to the recently enacted equality laws, the LS Country Club has announced that it will grant membership to two carefully selected women. Of course, all women can apply for admission, but the selection criteria are kept secret for legal reasons.

Club dues

This is an exclusive club for people like you - people who can afford to join clubs that keep the glitz of institutions that only act as a financial barrier to marginalize unwanted mobs. All those who value their privacy can be assured that curious journalists will be courageously guided by the site and treated with the respect they deserve.

Serenity and well-being

San Andreas practically invented yoga. At least it definitely invented the time-honored tradition of the relaxing coffee enema. Whether in the simple posture of the looking down dog or the more demanding posture of the tilting log, there are many fulfilling and revealing positions that you can bend into with the help of the private yoga master teacher Fabien LaRouche.

Punching starfish

A special attitude, both spiritual and mental, that was practiced in the Far East and made world famous by the Greeks. It requires discipline as this pose requires slow induction or injury may result and then the partner will cry and never want to try it again.

Downward Facing Camel

Namaste effects this attitude in its purest form by releasing the divine spark within us. The third eye opens to increase the flow of divine love.

Lucky Triangle

This deeply spiritual attitude often begins with greeting a potential partner to see if he or she is interested in expanding his or her mind and horizons after you've gotten drunk. Often requires a security word.

Music and entertainment that inspire

Music and radio

For everyone stuck in traffic: the Los Santos radio program with music for every taste. From the sound of the street on Radio Los Santos to intoxicating songs on Non-Stop-Pop FM and hot dance music on FlyLo FM to funk rhythms on Space 103.2, you won't be able to sit still, even if you've been stuck in traffic for hours .

  • Rebel Radio: The real Blaine County sound - drunk, armed and ready to party.
  • East LOS FM: Mexican electronic music that mixes corridos and traditional songs with hip-hop, rock and ska.
  • West Coast Classics: Straight from Davis - music from the days of the pager.
  • FlyLo FM: A mix that carries you over the Los Santos freeways at top speed.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio: The soundtrack to your shattered dreams and wasted potential.
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM: Pop hits from the 80s, 90s and today.
  • Radio Los Santos: San Andreas has been pumping hip-hop for 25 years.
  • Channel X: Real punk. Real west coast.
  • Soulwax FM: A consistent mix of dance and electronic music.
  • The Blue Ark: The hottest reggae, dancehall and dub, served by the upsetter.
  • Worldwide FM: Gilles Peterson brings beats from all over the world to Los Santos.
  • The Low Down 91.1: The groove, the soul, the R&B. All right?
  • Radio Mirror Park: Modern underground indie rock.
  • Space 103.2: Give your ass teroid a lot of fun.
  • West Coast Talk Radio: Real Talk. Real topics. Real paternalism. This is all about you.
  • Blaine County Talk Radio: Home to True Patriots. There is nothing more to say.

Home entertainment

Vinewood, full of internationally famous personalities, creates culture when it has no culture of its own. There are numerous television shows and other performances.

Fitness and relaxation

A paradise for fitness freaks.

Cycling race

On the west coast, not only is the car a status symbol, but also the training device. A $ 10,000 bike? Why not? Wedge yourself into too tight pants and shoes and sniff at every pedestrian who comes in your way.


The sport for lonely psychopaths and prospective sex offenders. There is a lot to experience while hiking. Spend days in the woods talking to animals. Make yourself completely crazy with the same thoughts over and over again. Let predators attack you. Sit in the dark and wonder what is lurking out there trying to kill them. Imagine wild sex fantasies. Hiking - a healthy sport for everyone.


Triathlons combine three sports in an extraordinary way. In nature it is questionable whether you will ever have to swim, bike and run to escape a bear or a shark, but nowadays your own ego and the fear of getting older are the real opponents. The marathon is an ancient Greek tradition - as is anal intercourse - but combining exercise and ego is an American tradition.


The south of San Andreas has refined ordinary transportation to the art form "self-mutilation while showing off". With bicycle cross or BMX you can turn the big city into your playground. But don't complain when people post a video of it knocking you in the face down stairs.


Tennis is a competitive sport that has hardly changed since the 19th century. Angry upper-class swingers are still sitting in the stands, drinking wine and getting excited about multiculturalism.

Swimming competitions

If you think swimming up and down like a goldfish is a relaxing and monotonous way to go insane, we have the right sport for you. In a swimming competition, you face your greatest enemy - yourself - while dodging sharks and drunks in motorboats.

Security and tranquility


Private security services have a financial interest in protecting your assets. Whether it is about the transport of valuable goods or personal protection for VIPs, you can rely on ex-military personnel with severe post-traumatic stress disorder to protect your interests with armed violence.


A new chapter in the war on crime. The Los Santos Police Department is famous for fighting crime in the most aggressive and freaky way possible. Among other things, the citizen aid program “Stop & Felt”, spectacular car chases and the liberal use of electric batons and service weapons contribute to this.

Los Santos Police Guard Book