Are you interested in love?


Prayer is not about trying to reach God, but about opening our eyes and realizing that we are already with him.


God, I haven't prayed in a long time. I don't even know if I can still do it. I have so much on my mind. I can't tell anyone but you. Please listen to me. I know that you are there You can show me a way, God, and I ask you to do it. Amen

God, I want to pray, but I find it difficult. I call you, but I don't know if you can hear me. Are you real? Are you interested in me? Let me feel that you are there. I want to believe in you Help me god Amen.

God, everyone is talking to me. I should try harder at school. I can't please anyone at home. My friends joke about me. Nobody takes me seriously. Why can't I be who I am? God, I want you to understand me. Do not leave me alone. Amen.

God, I thank you for the new morning, for everything that lies ahead of me. I can go into the day knowing that you will be with me. How beautiful is that! Amen

God, light of our life, we thank you for everything that is bright, warm and beautiful in our life. We ask you: Help us to recognize in your light where we are on the wrong path and where on the right one. If it's the wrong one, give us insight and help us change. If it is the right one, make sure of it. Amen

Lord there is the other one I don't get along with. It belongs to you, you created it, if you didn't want it to, you left it as it is. If you carry it, my God, I will also carry it and bear it as you carry and bear me. Amen

My God, that was a day full of restlessness. I just didn't get around to thinking about you. I am completely exhausted. Let me sleep well tonight Amen.

I believe that I am not forgotten by God. I believe that he wants to be close to me in all situations and that he thinks of me even when I don't feel it. I believe that God is in control of life. He gave it to me. He wants to preserve it and lead it to his goal. Lord, thank you for that! Amen

My God, the disease has robbed me of my safety. So far I've had ground under my feet. My life is in my own hands, I thought. Now everything is slipping away from me. I mean to fall. You give me support, be my safety, carry me. I rely on you, my god. Amen

God, I pray for the ground we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the forest we love, the flowers we enjoy, the animals who want to live like us. Don't let nature go to waste. Let's wake up before it's too late let's do all we can to save creation. Amen.

Lord our God, we don't want to ask anything of you so much today. We pray to you that you will open our eyes to what you have already given us. We thank you for what we have overlooked and for the happy moments in our everyday life. Amen

Lord, I need your liberating love so that I don't get caught up in my own problems, questions and fears. Give me the strength to live by faith and to encourage others to walk the same way. Amen

God our Father! You came to us in Jesus, your Son, our brother, and you remain among us. Before we go to you with our worries, you are already close to us. Before we make our requests, you have already understood us. How nice is that! So let's start the day with confidence. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, you died on the cross to bring us peace. Now there is peace between you and us. You are risen to announce freedom and joy to us. Yet there is a great deal of peacelessness and joylessness in the world. Help us to confess more courageously that you are with us in everything that comes. Amen

My God, I thank you that I can experience you in your word, in worship, in songs and music, in fellowship with others. My God, I thank you that I can feel that you mean well with us. Amen

God, help us to pass on your philanthropy. Give us the insight where we should accept the existing conditions and where we have to resist for the sake of life. Grant us that we align ourselves with your love. Amen

God of life, I ask you for light for all people. I ask you for peace for a peaceless world, for mercy for a world of hatred and poverty of hearts. Be close to us so that we are close to you. Heal us, guide us, bless us so that we may be a blessing for this world. Amen

God, I call to you! It's dark in me, but the light is with you; i'm lonely but you don't leave me; I am faint-hearted, but help is with you; I am restless, but with you is peace; there is bitterness in me, but with you is patience; I don't understand your ways, but you show the way for me. Amen

God, I thank you for everything that makes me happy. For my family, in whom I am safe, for my friends who stand by me, for the nature that surrounds me, for all the many little things that make life beautiful. God, I thank you for giving me all of this. Amen

God be with you at the dawn of a new morning, that you look expectantly towards what this day demands of you and what it wants to give you.

The Lord bestows you with the care of his hands, with the smile of his mouth, with the warmth of his heart, with the goodness of his eyes, with the joy of his spirit, with the mystery of his presence.

This is how God says to you: You are blessed. I give you my spirit. I make you strong to work and love. Now go and do what love shows you. I'll be with you all day

It's up to you what mark you leave behind. You are a possibility of God. Don't make yourself small. You don't have to take the last step. Jesus Christ left him for you. But you should go your way.