What is controlled braking

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Electronic braking system

One system - threefold safety: The electronic braking system EBS comprises the components anti-lock braking system ABS and traction control ASR.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • The ABS uses sensors to record the speed of each wheel during braking and regulates the brake pressure on each wheel individually.
  • Blocking of the wheel is prevented.

The vehicle remains directionally stable and steerable even with full braking on a slippery road surface.

Traction control (ASR)

  • The ASR prevents the drive wheels from spinning when starting or accelerating.
  • The EBS control unit detects the spinning of the wheels with the help of the wheel speed sensors.
  • With traction control, the EBS can combine the ASR engine control and the ASR brake control.
  • For the ASR engine control, the EBS control unit sends a signal via the vehicle management computer FFR to the engine control unit EDC. When both wheels of the drive axle spin, the engine torque and thus the drive slip are reduced.
  • For the ASR brake control, the EBS control unit uses the same wheel speed sensors as for the ABS, but only acts on the drive wheels. When only one wheel of the drive axle spins, the drive slip is reduced by braking the spinning wheel, and the differential transfers the remaining drive torque to the other wheel with road grip.


  • Braking with the physically maximum possible braking force in a shorter reaction time and thereby reducing the braking distance even when the pedal is not fully depressed
  • Controlled braking with high driving stability and steering ability even during emergency braking and thus the highest level of braking safety even on road surfaces with different levels of grip
  • Protection of the tires, as tire wear is evenly distributed over the circumference.
  • Improved traction on slippery surfaces such as ice, snow, gravel or wet cobblestones
  • Increased driving safety: the rear does not break away in the event of a sudden loss of traction
  • Wear-intensive spinning of the tires is prevented.

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