What does maintaining conviction mean

Convictions of effectiveness, convictions of self-efficacy


(= W.)efficacy belief], [EM, KLI, KOG, BY, SOZ], Self-related cognition (self-concept) to assess one's own ability to implement measures to cause consequences. The generalized belief or specif. Expectation (in certain areas or situations; expectation of self-efficacy) to promote desired results with one's own behavior is an essential prerequisite for motivation to act (motivation) and therefore a basic assumption of control psychological theories (expectation-value theories). In addition to contingency beliefs (“if-then”), W. (“I can”) represent part of control beliefs. from the concept of efficacy motivation and preliminary work by Rotters (1967; control beliefs, internal vs. external control) and Atkinsons (1957; risk choice model). Conceptually mostly syn. used, or self-efficacy i. Ggs. For more area or situation-specific. W. a relatively stable personality psychol. Construct that is formed through repeated and generalized learning experience with one's own options for action and successes (or when learning a model). Empirical. has the concept of application among others. in the areas of motivational ps. (Initiation and maintenance of goal-related actions; reactance), Ped. Ps. (Learning, self-directed, design of learning environments), work and organizational ps. (Work motivation and work performance), health p. (Control beliefs, health-related) and the clinical ps. (Helplessness, learned / learned) found. There exist psychol. Test procedures for measuring W. and self-efficacy beliefs that differ with regard to their theoretical. Background, but above all with regard to the area-specificity of the constructed constructs. Examples are the scales: General expectation of self-efficacy (SWE) von Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1995), the questionnaire on competency and control beliefs (FKK) von Krampen, the scale for Recording of professional self-efficacy expectations (BSWScale) by Abele, Stief and Andrä (2000).

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