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Instead of going to the cinema, shopping and the like, 30 ideas for activities with friends

Boredom overwhelms you and your friends and you don't know what to do? Maybe there is something for you with these ideas for activities.

Shopping is too boring for you and you somehow no longer want to hike? Don't worry, we have alternatives. Who after Activities with friends is looking for more fun and variety, this is where the best ideas are:

1 Playing tourist: How well do you actually know your own city? Just let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful corners of your home and go on a tour of discovery. There are currently no city tours on site, but exploring the city is at least as fun with a map and best friends.

2 Flea Market Sales: Activities with friends don't always have to cost money. Even the opposite can be true. Anyone who goes to the flea market with their loved ones and sells old things has fun and maybe even a full wallet afterwards. For example, you can use the income to go out to eat together. Be sure to find out whether the dates are correct online and whether a flea and antique market can take place in your canton!

3 Listen to audio book: Do you really want to relax? Then invite your friends! With a cup of tea and listening to an audio book together on the sofa, the stress of everyday life disappears.

4 Bake together: You have probably already done cooking evenings with your friends many times. So how about an afternoon cake together, where everyone bakes, decorates and then feasts together?

5 Photo shoot with friends: A photo shoot together is a great Sunday activity. If you are familiar with the camera and have a tripod, you can take photos yourself - or you can book a professional photographer. Also cool: Rent a photo drone for a day and take group photos from a different perspective.

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6 To collect the trash: Combine the beautiful with the useful by grabbing your loved ones, arm yourself with rubber gloves, grippers and garbage bags and drive into the forest or to the lake to collect discarded objects on a leisurely stroll. Good karma and fresh air - what more could you want?

7 See in the future: Do you want to know how your friendship is doing? Or what else does the future bring? You can find this out easily by having tarot cards laid for yourself or online. Maybe you will learn something about yourself, but maybe not - the fun factor counts.

8 Muck out the wardrobe: Granted, that doesn't necessarily sound like the most exciting Sunday activity you've ever heard - but it makes sense! And when you get dear friends to help you make decisions, all the better. One or the other piece of clothing will then find its way into your friend's closet.

9 Puzzle: It serves to calm down, promotes teamwork and is fun: Puzzling together is a great Sunday activity and can also be perfectly combined with point 3.

None of your friends are there? Here are 50 solo activities against boredom:

Tips against boredom: There is always something to do

Have you been staring at the ceiling for hours? Then you need these tips against boredom. Meaningful, fun and helpful: these ideas will give you something to do.

Yes, we love Netflix too and we are only too happy to be pulled under the spell of the streaming service. But let's be honest: Free time can also be used more meaningfully. For example, if you let our tips against boredom inspire you and tackle something new. Try it out right away.

Click your way through the picture gallery and discover 50 tips against boredom - one of them is sure to suit you!

Gallery: Linda Freutel

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10 Do gymnastics: Do you want to go to Burgenvölk again, play fangis and do ring gymnastics? Make an appointment outside with the group to just be a child again - yay!

11 Sort photos: Surely you also have tons of photos on your computers and cell phones. Choosing the best, printing them out and sticking them into a shared album may take a while, but it is a lot of fun. Especially when you turn it into an activity with friends.

12 Wine tasting: Not that good about wine? Then that changes. Grab your friends and visit a wine tasting together or order different wines to be tried.

Or buy different wines and read this article:

13 Beauty day: Pampering yourself with massages and beauty masks is most fun when you share it with your best friends. Treat yourself to a visit to the spa. Or have a joint beauty day at home with manicures, masks and a good series.

For inspiration please go here:

14 Festival nostalgia: There are numerous music festivals and open airs in Switzerland that will hopefully take place. Otherwise, you have to make an appointment to the virtual festival and watch one livestream concert after the other.

15 Gardening: Are you looking for a longer-term activity to do with your friends? In all larger communities there are allotments that you can cultivate together.

16 Search mushrooms: If you are in the mood for a little adventure, look for a piece of forest where mushrooms grow and collect the delicious plants together with your friends. Important: Find out which varieties are edible and ideally have them tested before consumption.

17 Make pesto yourself: It is the undisputed favorite food among students: pasta with pesto. But have you ever made pesto yourself? It tastes best with wild garlic that you have picked yourself.

This is how you can make pesto yourself:

18Brush up on language skills: Register for a language course with your friends. Or you can equip yourself with textbooks and learning software and teach each other a new language. For this you can arrange a fixed day per week that is used for learning.

19Tie bouquets of flowers: As long as the fields and meadows are in bloom, it's a great Sunday activity to go into nature and pick wild flowers here, which you then tie into a pretty bouquet together with friends. Of course, you can also buy individual flowers from the florist.

Image: Becca Tapert / Unsplash

20 Treasure hunt: Why not be a child again? A fun Sunday activity with friends is a scavenger hunt together. For this one of you has to make the preparations and prepare a route of clues and puzzles, while the others are allowed to search and guess.

21 Look at the stars: Activities with friends can also be educational. For example, when you visit a planetarium together and have stars, constellations and celestial bodies explained to you.

22 Make sushi yourself: Do you fancy sushi? Do you fancy a great evening with friends? Then simply combine both and arrange to meet up to prepare.

No idea how that works? Luckily you have us:

23Joint gambling: Put all one's eggs in one basket? You only do that with your best friends. And preferably when you visit the casino together. Find out in advance which casinos are still open.

24 Ride a scooter: In many Swiss cities you can rent e-scooters or scooters by the hour. Cruising through the city together - without any effort.

25 have a picnic: How about an enjoyable excursion into nature? It's best to pack a picnic basket, take a blanket and drinks with you and look for a nice spot for a picnic.

Image: Pixdeluxe / E +

26 High ropes course: Climbing high ropes courses is about fun, but also about good teamwork and trust. You won't forget this excursion anytime soon. Register in advance, the number of visitors is limited.

27 Go for a walk: Are you animal lovers? Then plan a trip to the shelter. There are homeless four-legged friends waiting there, who are happy to be petted and maybe a little walk. In any case, call ahead and make an appointment!

28 Go go-karting: If you are in the mood for an exciting adventure with friends, you can visit a go-kart track together. Speed ​​fanatics get their money's worth here.

29 Painting vases: Handicrafts are fun - especially as a collective. How about you get vase blanks and porcelain paint and use them to conjure up great decorative items? Self-made decorative items are currently very much in vogue.

Or how about these DIY ideas:

30 Ride rollercoaster: If you love action, you should meet up with your friends to visit an amusement park. There is joy in the roller coaster.

Cover picture: Michael Henry / Unsplash

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