Where were blockers filmed

New video recordings of a wolf sighting in the Miesbach district cause a stir. A car driver was able to film the animal calmly strolling across a meadow north of the Seehamer See.

A 25-second clip of one has been circulating in hunters' circles for several days Wolf sighting between Irschenberg and Weyarn. The video was recorded on April 19 by a driver. You can see how a wolf runs across a meadow next to the MB18 near Bruck, completely unimpressed. It is quite unusual that the animal trots calmly next to the car and stands completely relaxed.

According to the State Office for the Environment (LfU) the animal is actually a wolf. The Miesbach district office had sent the video to the responsible authority.

Young male looking for a territory of his own

“We go from one wandering solitary animal out “, said a spokesman for the LfU. The experts assume that the animal is a young male looking for his own territory. These animals can travel between 50 and 70 kilometers per day. It is unclear whether it is actually a male or a female and where the animal comes from. A detailed assessment without genetic analysis is impossible.

According to the Federal Nature Conservation Association, there are still no wolves loyal to their location in Upper Bavaria. A wolf is considered loyal to its location if it remains in the same area for more than six months or if it can be proven that it has had young there.

As of January 2021, there are resident wolves in eight Bavarian regions:

  • Allgäu Alps - single animal
  • Bavarian Forest National Park (south and north) - one pack each
  • Hohenfeld military training area (district Amberg-Sulzbach) - single animal
  • Manteler Forst (Neustadt an der Waldnaab district) - Rudel
  • Grafenwöhr military training area (Neustadt an der Waldnaab district) - single animal
  • Veldensteiner Forst (district of Bayreuth) - pack
  • In the Rhön - single animal

Last year, on July 5, 2020, a wolf was registered near the new sighting point, at that time between Irschenberg and Bad Feilnbach. While on the one hand animal rights activists are happy about the meanwhile regular wolf observations, the worry lines among farmers and livestock keepers are growing. Wolf attacks on sheep or other animals have occurred more frequently in recent months. The predators have not yet come dangerously close to humans in our region.

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Not so in Lower Saxony: During a walk in the Lower Saxony Heidekreis, an adult animal came unusually close to a woman and her dog. The wolf circled the duo for minutes. The dog owner recorded the April 13 incident on a cell phone video.

How do I behave when I meet a wolf?

  • Behave calmly!The wolf will usually withdraw because wolves are cautious animals. Wolf pups, however, are curious and often behave less cautiously than adult animals.
  • Talk to the wolf in case he hasn't noticed her yet. Draw attention to yourself.
  • Don't run away quickly!If you are uncomfortable with the situation, make yourself known by talking, shouting, and / or clapping your hands. As you do so, withdraw slowly and calmly.
  • Don't run after the wolf!
  • Never feed wild wolves!


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