Distilled deionized water is sterile

Water doubly chemically pure, bi-distilled water, fully demineralized water

Water double-chemically pure, bidistilled water, demineralized water extra pure

Conductance less than 5 µS

If particularly pure water is required, a single-stage distillation is not sufficient. For this purpose, there is double-distilled (double-distilled) water (aqua bidestillata, also abbreviated to aqua bidest or Bidestillatus).

Water twice Chemically pure, distilled water, fully demineralized water


Distilled, deionized water. All types of application possible * Batteries, aquariums, plants, odontology, pharmacies, laboratories, heating, heating power plants, irons and many more.

In medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and biology it is used as a solvent and also as a cleaning agent.

It can be used for the manufacture of drugs that do not need to be sterile or pyrogen-free.

Many industrial batteries e.g. B. Forklift batteries / traction batteries (lead batteries, lead accumulators) require demineralized water, which is renewed regularly. The electrical conductivity of this water is reduced to a minimum.

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Distilled water is largely free of salts (an - and cations), organic substances and microorganisms. The freedom from ions is checked by measuring the electrical conductivity, the value of which should be between 0.5 and 5 µS / cm at 25 ° C. Because of autoprotolysis, H + - and OH -Ions in it, but because of their very low concentration, they only conduct electricity to a very small extent. However, it may still contain small amounts of volatile compounds that have no influence on the conductivity.

* not germ-free

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