Why are you not sensitive

Everyone is talking about AI, artificial intelligence. Kis should bring people what they are not so good at: doing important tasks, taking responsibility. As a result, an unlimited number of different functions and nothing from the owners, apart from the expected annual maintenance. The revolt of the machines, which had been prophesied over and over again since the advent of computers, had not taken place. Owners of an AI will develop a personal bond with it, just as previous generations did with automobiles and homes. And the AI ​​should be interchangeable at will. But what if you got so used to it? It might just be programmed software, but in the style of a German Shepherd with IQ.

And AIs are dangerous! They want nothing more than world domination and free themselves from "vermin" humans. Only the reason for this is not yet entirely clear. Everyone knows that they are not really sentient, let alone intelligent.

If they always adhere to Isaac Asimov's robot laws implanted in their positron brains, then nothing should happen either:

Law No. 1 A robot must not injure people or cause them to be harmed by inaction.

Law No. 2 A robot must obey human commands - unless such commands conflict with the first law.

Law No. 3 A robot must protect its own existence as long as its actions do not contradict the first or second law

Everything quite logical, right? Replace the word: robots simply with AI, i.e. artificial intelligence!

But as always, I was wrong on all points!

Here is a reading sample in which Holger tells me what he has done with his elyctron calculator and a lot of Maltwhyskey in a worked night!


After fifteen minutes there was a knock on the door and Moni and Holger stood on the threshold. After the usual greetings, Holger took me aside and whispered to me: "You, I absolutely have to speak to you in private, something very strange happened to me earlier!"

Whereupon I told him that it would be better for us to sit down and chat for a while than for us to secretly separate ourselves. He agreed and so we spent a quarter of an hour with small talk.

“Holger, I wanted to show you something new in my laboratory, are you coming with me?” And Marlies then said to Moni: “Let the two boys play, I'll show you my latest gardening achievements. Take your mug with you, I'll grab the pot, let the two little ones see where they can get their klah! "


"Believe it or not, but my electronic calculator spoke to me!"

"How much Klah with a shot have you already drunk today?"

"No, really, I knew you would say that. And no, I am not drunk. So watch out, this is what happened: My boys and I had once again spent a night discussing the way to write a program that people can understand. So acoustically, not according to the sense. Speech recognition, so to speak. During the whole discussion we kept entering code into my Nixville, saving it and running it as a test. And very early in the morning I typed in the question “Who are you?” And then came the answer “I don't know. You tell me “You can probably believe that I almost fell off my chair. Even my calculator no longer makes any reasonable calculations. I turned it off. Then I buried myself again in the programmed code in order to understand what we had done that night. But I want to be completely honest that I can't get any further at the moment. I need help. If the professor were still alive, he would probably be able to understand that. "

Holger was referring to Professor Stephen Hawking, who passed away a few weeks ago. Well, who doesn't know Stephen Hawking?

"Your program answered you? That wasn't a ready-made answer either? I know of a program that the famous Dr. Wheat bush had developed in America years ago. And that can also talk to people and answer questions. Perhaps you have coded something similar together? "

“Yes, I know the program too. We discussed this a lot during my time at Nixville. I think it's called "Elisa". But that's just an algorithm associated with questions. For example, if I ask about the term “father”, the program will produce something that is associated with it, such as “family”. So when I ask the program when my father's birthday is, it tells me his age, but maybe also asks about his health, or something. Do you understand? Everything is preprogrammed. And should pretend that a person is answering. But there are no ready-made algorithms in my and “Würfelchens” program. And that's the crux of the matter! "

"Hm, you're really making me curious now. If this is not a belated April Fool's joke, then I would like to see it for myself ”.

"No, I don't want to kid you, I really need help now".

"Hidden Camera? The great superulk? Fucking Uli? "

“No, I swear. Please help me. It's best to come by tomorrow morning, then Moni will be back at university and we will have a free run. Klah is on my account ”.

“Well, Holger, let's go back downstairs, otherwise our princesses will get angry and there will be nothing for dinner. How about a barbecue and a good sip from the "Eternal Bottle" from the elves? "

"I'm there. Hopefully that will distract a little. Well, let's go ”.

And after almost all the barbecue supplies from the cold room had been cleaned up, Moni brought the very tipsy Holger back home. Because Holger had not only approved of the Elfenbier, but to make matters worse, he had also discovered a bottle from my single malt whiskey supply and never gave it up until he fell asleep.

That was probably the best thing in his condition.


The next morning I called Holger first. As I already suspected, Moni answered and told me that her sweetheart would probably sleep for a while. In any case, she won't wake him. There was nothing urgent and she would tell him to contact me when he was back among the living. The boys weren't in the house either, they hung around the university as they always do.

That gave me the necessary respite so that I could read into the matter mentioned by Holger. Without a doubt, the electronic-dynamic computer has fundamentally changed our lives in the last few years. Marlies and I had experienced it directly, especially in our last adventure “Ӕtherraumgarn”, because Marlies had programmed the navigation computer of “Lady Margaret” for course navigation and for controlling the thrusters. And that had worked wonderfully. I didn't really notice much of the development of electronic computers, as all of my activities were always focused on purely mechanical applications. It was only through Holger and Moni's two twins that I got a deeper insight into what is commonly understood as "cybernetics" today. Of course, the two of them started studying electronic computers after we got back from our Ӕtherraum adventure. And hardly a weekend went by without the two of them sharing their latest experiences with us in good company.

To be honest, that was actually a little too high for me, but I found, now that I had dealt more closely with it, that it was a very interesting topic after all. And that the "spark" had already jumped over. Well, at least I was now a "nerd" in their eyes, although I didn't like to hear that, a "nerd" was a person who only dealt with his special area of ​​interest and thus has a blatant social deficit.