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Mr. Kleiser

Mr. Kleiser

Mr. Kleiser is an antagonist who appears in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which first appeared in Ultimates # 10. He's a Chitauri disguised as a Nazi.

History [edit | Edit source]

Kleiser was a high-ranking member of the alien hierarchy known as the Chitauri and was part of a group that infiltrated Earth during World War II. In the form of a Nazi officer (by taking in and wasting him), he and his fellow aliens contacted the Nazi party and tried to help them win the war by offering advanced technology. The Chitauri wanted to use the Nazis to conquer the earth and impose "order" by erasing all individuality they saw as deviation. Towards the end of the war, Mr. Kleiser stood before Captain America and was defeated not by brute force but by clever strategy and wrong direction; Kleiser never forgot this humiliating defeat.

For decades, Kleiser and the other Chitauri had been slowly building a new power base and secretly influencing human affairs in preparation for yet another takeover attempt. 60 years later, Mr. Kleiser infiltrated the S.H.I.E.L.D. Psi Division, and planted false information to lure the ultimatums to an island in Micronesia to be destroyed by a nuclear device. However, the force field of Iron Man and Thor's Dimension Warping Hammer allowed the ultimatums to escape unscathed despite thousands of S.H.I.E.L.D. Personnel were killed. Kleiser and the rest of his troops also infiltrated the Triskelion, the headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D. And the ultimatums. He captured the wasp and brought it to Area 51 in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona.

A short time later, the remains of the Chitauri fleet came to earth and informed Kleiser that they should soon destroy the planet. At that point it was revealed that the ultimatums survived and a great battle began. During that battle, Mr. Kleiser and Captain America finally engaged in a personal battle in which Kleiser displayed superhuman strength, great longevity, and near instant healing that General Fury could sense while in "slightly negative" (invisible) mode . Captain America was almost overwhelmed by Kleiser and briefly ended this fight by cutting the alien in half. But that didn't stop him, and Captain America must have deliberately traumatized Bruce Banner to bring out the Hulk. Captain America then told the Hulk that Kleiser was "all about Betty" and the Hulk immediately punched Kleiser in the ground, tore him up, and ate him. The haunted fleet was defeated, and Iron Man and Thor horrified the aliens doomsday bomb. Banner's eliminations were later replaced by S.H.I.E.L.D. To be analyzed and destroyed, since Mr. Kleiser was a designer and maybe even survived the digestive process.

Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Shape change: Mr. Kleiser is a shape-shifter like most of his breed. He is usually seen in his human form wearing a Nazi uniform.
  • Superhuman strength: Mr. Kleiser has shown enough strength to overpower Captain America in hand-to-hand combat, throw a truck in Hulk's face and tear the steel doors apart with ease. Mr. Kleiser's strength is believed to be equal to or greater than that of Capitain America.
  • Accelerated healing: Mr. Kleiser's most dangerous and unique power from his race is his regenerative healing factor. Mr. Kleiser can regenerate any limb or organ that he could lose almost instantly, his healing factor is so great that after being impaled by a jet and thrown into a field of exploding oil tanks, he fully recovered in a matter of seconds. Apparently the only thing that could stop its healing factor was treating it as a snack for the Hulk.
  • longevity: He also managed to live through to the 21st century and have been alive for many years or centuries before World War II without aging physically.
  • Superhuman resilience: Mr. Kleiser can survive the physical blows of the Hulk without being killed.