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National anthem

The creation of the national anthem goes back to the time immediately after the Second World War. The new beginning of the state should also be documented by a new national anthem.

The melody was then attributed to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. According to recent research, however, it may have come from Johann Baptist Holzer. The original text was written by the writer Paula Preradović and emerged as the winner in a competition run by the federal government. With the decision of the Council of Ministers of 25 February 1947, the national anthem was officially introduced.

As of January 1, 2012, the national anthem of the Republic of Austria is enshrined in federal law. For the original wording and melody, see Federal Law Gazette I number 127/2011.

The national anthem of the Republic of Austria in full text

Land of the mountains, land on the river,
Land of fields, land of domes,
Land of hammers, promising.
Home of great daughters and sons,
People, gifted for the beautiful,
Well-known Austria,
Well-known Austria.

Hotly contested, wildly controversial,
Are you lying in the middle of the continent,
Like a strong heart.
Have since early ancestral days
Heavy consignment load borne,
Well-tested Austria,
Well-tested Austria.

Courageous in the new times
See us walking freely and believingly
Happy to work and hopeful.
Let us join in cheering choirs,
Fatherland, swear allegiance to you,
Beloved Austria,
Beloved Austria.

Musical version

For the performance of the national anthem in sign language