Is Mohamed Salah a good dribbler

Mohamed Salah in top form at Liverpool FC: good mood guarantee for Jürgen Klopp

Mohamed Salah has had an outstanding season at Liverpool FC and was recently named Africa's Footballer of the Year. What makes the Egyptian so strong this year?

After the Merseyside derby, Jürgen Klopp didn't have much to laugh about. The corners of the mouth of the Liverpool coach approached his knees second by second before the final whistle, ultimately the whole anger discharged in a much-quoted interview Sky Sports. But a few days later Klopp was able to laugh again.

"I am very happy," he said BBC and had a good reason for it. Mo Salah had just been voted Africa's Footballer of the Year. The 25-year-old conjured up the good-humored Kloppo again: "I had the opportunity to work with some outstanding players and Mo is one of them."

Outstanding is the right word to describe Salah's accomplishments over the past few months. He stands out from the national team and he also stands out from the Reds. He counts 19 goals after 24 games, 13 of which were scored in 16 games in the Premier League.

Hazard mourns Salah afterwards

Salah's second time on the island has been a complete success so far. The offensive player tried his hand at the Premier League from January 2014 to February 2015, but failed at Chelsea. On loan it went first to Fiorentina and then to AS Roma, which finally secured its services.

In the summer of 2017, Klopp saw Salah as a key player in his plans and brought the Egyptian back to the island. The Reds let the fast winger cost 42 million euros and thus took a risk. Their courage has been rewarded as Salah is one of the best players of the season so far.

"He's a top, top, top player. He didn't get his chance at Chelsea. But within the team we know what quality he has," said Chelsea's Eden Hazard recently, annoyed that his former teammate is now wearing the wrong jersey wearing.

Salah is not a suarez

In fact, a salah in top form would do the Blues, who are so offensive in the current season, good. For the Reds, the offensive player is an essential component and is now compared to Luis Suarez. However, this comparison does not do the Egyptian justice.

At first glance, parallels between Suarez and Salah can be seen, but these are largely limited to the first letter of the surname and the general importance for the team. Salah is a completely different type of player than today's FC Barcelona striker.

Salah is particularly impressive with its excellent acceleration, which is already sufficient to leave many opponents behind. What makes the player so special, however, is how they ultimately adapt to the new challenges that are presented to them.

Salah strong with opponents behind him

Because Salah's speed is now well known, there are fewer spaces for the winger behind the opposing full-back. Chelsea FC tried very consistently at the end of November to always have a player behind Salah to prevent the cranking and let him not pick up the pace.

But the man from Liverpool knew how to prepare for it. Salah is not only fast but also physically stable overall. Accordingly, after receiving the ball, he was able to shield the play equipment with his back to the opponent, place it on his left foot and pass it on from there.

Thus, his contribution to the offensive game remained low for a long time, but Salah always found solutions to protect the ball and ultimately to wriggle away from his opponent. In one on one with an opponent behind, the Egyptian is extremely important - and not as a center forward but as a winger.

The Real Madrid rumors

But it radiates real danger especially when it starts running. Then Salah likes to pull in from the right and look for the end with his left foot. In a sense, components from Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben come together here and that fits perfectly with Jürgen Klopp's game.

If you believe current rumors, this football could not only go well with Klopp. Among other things, Salah has been linked to Real Madrid in recent weeks. Whether true or fictitious, the rumor alone shows the appreciation the 25-year-old has earned in his second year in England.

Salah has also reached public perception, but this is particularly due to his excellent goal rate. He's certainly not the technically finest or most creative player in the squad, but he's been extremely efficient this season. He is looking for the way into the penalty area and benefits from the falling role of Roberto Firmino, who opens the corresponding rooms.

Salah is the best in a trio

That may be the answer to why Salah worked less well at Chelsea. The Egyptian's good shape is certainly also a team product - the same goes for Sadio Mane on the left. Both wingers are well integrated into Klopp's game and can show their qualities.

With the strong foot inside, they pull into the penalty area and receive the ball from Firmino, who has fallen back into midfield, or are played outside and then dribble inward while the full-back overflows. This trio is hugely important to the Reds: Salah (13), Firmino (5) and Mane (4) have scored 65 percent of the league hits.

But Salah is also able to do it in the current season this Trio to stand out. His qualities in combination with the tactical approach of the team and a very strong run make him one of the best players of the current Premier League season - and Klopp happy too.