How can I download audio books for FRSS

After completing the order, regardless of whether you have bought it individually or with a subscription, you will find your audiobooks under "Audiobook Library" in the "My Account" area. Here you can listen to the audiobook directly in the web reader or download it from the library as an MP3 file.

To do this, click on under My account in the Audiobook library on the Download link of the respective audio book.

You will now be asked what you want to do with the zip file, select the option in this window Save as). After the download, you can open the ZIP file and play the MP3 files it contains with any MP3-compatible device or program.


Our audio book downloads are in MP3 and i format. d. Usually at a data rate of up to 192 kbit (variable bit rate). The MP3 format is the most widely used audio format. It is easy to use and compatible with any MP3 player. You can play MP3 files without restriction on all MP3 players, computers and many car stereo systems. You may transfer the titles to portable devices and burn them onto CDs for an unlimited period of time for private use.

Please note, however, that we have provided MP3 files with an individual watermark. Improper use can thus be recognized and the buyer can be identified. What you should also consider when dealing with our content, please refer to our general terms and conditions (ยง 11) in detail, to which you automatically agree when placing the order.