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Everyone perceives the world a little differently, and this is what we call the "model of perception". It is very important to analyze your model of perception if you want to learn magic. Our club does not ask anyone to give up their usual ways of perceiving the world. We're just introducing you to our model without insisting that you take it as a basis. But it is possible that our model will complement and strengthen yours. From our point of view, learning magic begins with building your own perceptual model.

If the paradigm of scientific and technological progress is close to you, that's good too. We all understand that the latest scientific advancement would seem like a miracle or magic to our ancestors. It can be said that our esoteric club is working to investigate some of the phenomena that are usually called magic. We use this term because there is still no better word for it. Magic and esoteric are concepts that are more or less clear to everyone and mean something that is beyond the usual perception of humans.

There are people who flinch at every mention of the word "magic". You can also use other terms, such as psycho-informative techniques or energetic influences. The only important thing is that we understand each other. In U.Ser club one learns unusual world perceptions that offer great advantages over normal perception. We don't do magic because it's fashionable or because we want to attract attention with it. We do this because it works and it makes life a lot easier!

By magic and especially magic training we understand the ability to perceive the subtle components of the world and to be able to work with them:

  • Subtle bodies and vibrational frequencies
  • Spiritual planes
  • Astral energies
  • Elements of elemental magic
  • Other energetic channels (e.g. taro etc.)

If that's exactly what you want to learn, then you can sign up for our basic course The Lower Dantian Sign in.

Magic and society

Spiritual development or magic is only possible in our world because each of us is a magician from birth and has subtle perception. But the society that surrounds the child proves him wrong every minute of his life. And gradually you start to believe in it.

Most babies are born with a subtle perception. But by the time the baby begins to speak, it usually gets used to ignoring subtle phenomena because that is how adults do it. If the child can still perceive subtle levels, he begins to ask his parents what he sees and feels. Feeling nothing, the parents begin to convince the child that there is nothing out of the ordinary. They say:

Stop telling fairy tales; you invented that; it just seems so to you; lie down, you are very tired; Magic doesn't exist; there are no miracles; Magic is bad ...


In other words, modern materialistic society has long taught people that there is nothing fine, so it is very difficult to break out of this form of worldview.

Subtle perception

We do not mean that children (and adults) can no longer perceive the subtle plan. Words like intuition, premonition, instinct and feeling are still used in our language. So the subtle perception remains, but the elimination of this "vision" through our consciousness does not take place.

Several hypnotic experiments have been carried out on humans that have proven this. The famous psychologist C. G. Jung has also described such experiments. For example, the subjects in the hypnotic state were told that they did not see a certain object or even a person. And after they woke up, they really stopped noticing these objects and people.

So each of us is similar to a hypnotized subject. There are many attitudes in our consciousness such as:

I cannot perceive the subtle plan; I see nothing; I don't feel anything special; there is no magic

As a result, mental barriers or even walls are built up in our consciousness, which reduce our limitless possibilities of perception. More precisely, certain information that we perceive does not reach our consciousness because there are filters that discard the "unnecessary". Therefore, the entire magic training can basically be represented as a kind of purification of one's own consciousness.

Learning magic: removing barriers to perception

When you learn magic the main problem are barriers to perception that prevent a person from seeing magic in life. In addition to these obstacles, there are many others in our consciousness Blockages and distortions. The average person has so many distortions of consciousness that they look like a giant entangled sphere or a large heap of garbage. In order to see these barriers in oneself, one must first correct one's perception.

However, it cannot be corrected as long as it encounters other barriers that are not directly related to perception. This creates a vicious circle.

Now let's talk about these barriers in a somewhat simplified way, without going into the details and touching such terms as emotions and images. In reality, this topic is much more complicated.

Working on yourself

From our point of view, magic is nothing more than working on yourself. Only after this work has been done can you talk about magic, otherwise esoteric courses will not help you. However, some schools try to avoid this work. But as practice shows, nothing good comes out of it. On the contrary, it can make the situation worse. Perhaps that is why everything related to magic is viewed so negatively by society and religious denominations. Most don't understand what magic is at all.

To imagine what kind of work you would have to do on yourself, scatter ten matchboxes in a pile on the table and imagine that the match that is responsible for the most important part of your perception is at the bottom of the pile , and you have to pull out that matchstick without the entire pile collapsing. When a "match pile" collapses in our consciousness, it leads to a strong psychological shock. Not everyone is prepared for such disasters. This shock can change your life very much. Some feel it is a lot of pressure and others get stronger.

You only get personal strength when you work on yourself. And this Personal strength can be acquired through certain practices and an understanding of one's actions.

In doing this work you don't just get the strength. There are many cases in which the third eye (Ajna Chakra) opens in people under the harsh influence of external circumstances. You lose something very important for yourself, or everything at once. This loss leads to a "pile of matches" falling in his mind. It may happen that one of these matches was a barrier that interfered with human perception. If it is pushed aside or overcome, new facets of perception will be discovered.

How to start learning magic

So what does learning magic mean? As we understand it, it is primarily about self-knowledge. In the first phase you have to answer the question: "How am I in reality?" Trying to answer this question can lead to a pile of matches in your head. And only after this pile has been dismantled can one engage in magic. Without this, the adept attending various schools of magic does not acquire more than just ideas on the subject of "magic and magic training". Therefore, the development in our club does not consist of ready-made rituals and magic spells, but primarily of working on yourself.

We use certain exposure techniques that accelerate this work considerably. Group work, answers to questions and communication between participants help to understand the material and yourself more quickly. It'll be pretty too strong development impulses given, which are called initiations in some schools. This doesn't mean all of the work is done for you. You will be helped here, but you also have to learn to work independently.

The "ideal" process of spiritual evolution can be broken down into the following points:

  1. One accepts the fact that there is magic in our world and that magic can be learned.
  2. You accept the world around you as it is.
  3. You accept yourself as you are.
  4. You learn to work on yourself.
  5. You learn to "see" the world or, in other words, to feel it.
  6. You can see the world of magic.

The first two points are just an approach to the world of magic, and some people need several lives to overcome these points. Therefore there is no point in dragging someone into the world of magic: you have to come to it on your own. Some come earlier, some later, but everyone gets there in the end.

In practice, nobody follows these points in the "correct" order: they are either gone through all at once or in a chaotic manner. Each of these points leads man to the knowledge of the world. No matter what you are currently working on and what you are interested in now, in the end the path will take you into the world of magic. But you usually get to learning magic when you have a certain foundation in place. You begin to attend magical schools or courses until you are ready to develop independently.

When you find your higher self, you no longer need a teacher as you will learn from the world. Every person you meet along the way will be a source of wisdom for you. When you reach this level, the study of magic becomes a natural skill.

Different paths in magic training. Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to learn magic, you can go different ways. These ways can be conditionally called black-and-white and Gray describe. From here on, such concepts are called black magic and white magic originated. Magic as such has no color. And when people say they want to learn black magic, they just mean the way magic is taught (mostly without knowing it). The same goes for white magic.

So what are the pros and cons of taking a magic training course? Which should be preferred: online training or face-to-face seminars? Online lessons are very convenient as there is nowhere to go. This is an ideal option if you want to learn magic from home. Of course, part of the subtle effect is lost with such a training: it is stronger in face-to-face meetings. But if the teacher who leads the lesson has enough strength, his influences become more than palpable in online mode as well.

Our approach to learning: "gray" magic

In our club, we stick to the “gray path” when teaching magic, and when it is used, changes occur fairly quickly. The knowledge is not given in full on purpose so that the participants can complete their worldview for themselves. The training takes place mainly online. We have long since reached the level where our online impact is more than noticeable (especially for prepared people).

However, in order not to lose the advantages of face-to-face meetings, we also hold seminars. Sometimes they take place in different places of power. Not everyone can afford such trips for various reasons (lack of time, financial difficulties or health problems), but such seminars are very different from teaching at home and help one to develop faster in the world of magic and esotericism. Among other things, the members of our club have visited many different places like India, Tibet, Nepal, Egypt etc.

Nowadays, training videos are becoming more and more popular, In Club Zemius, however, audio training is used more often: the eyes often deceive and confuse us, but the voice never. And it is much easier to tune into a person's perception through your voice. Video images, on the other hand, can only distract people from subtle perception.

For us, magic means above all to work on yourself. One must first purify oneself so that one can receive the divine light.