Are online personal trainers worth it?

Meet your personal trainer online via webcam

Perhaps you're someone who's gone to the gym and wants to change your routine. Or you are stuck at home all day and just want to move more. Personal online training with a personal online trainer can keep you up to date during pandemics or when you are generally at home. You may find that an online personal trainer is even better at helping you reach your fitness goals than going back to the gym.

Online personal training is personal and targeted

Online personal training is a coaching experience that is customer-centric and allows flexibility for a busy schedule. The workouts can be made available to fitness customers every week via video exercises as a training plan or via an app. Fitness customers can do all of the exercises in their free time from home for a fraction of the price of in-person fitness sessions with a fitness trainer. Online training with an online personal trainer is financially cheaper than the classic personal training variant or a personal fitness trainer in the gym and also allows you to train comfortably from home and in your free time when the traditional gym or personal training studio is not accessible are.

Even if your gym reopens, you may find it more comfortable to continue at home for the time being. Online training with a live coach will grow exponentially in the future because of what is happening in the world. For many, this is the only way to work with a personal fitness coach and stay fit. People will see the value of being able to exercise at their own pace while still having the motivation, fun, and feedback of a trainer and being able to ask questions about health and exercise performance.

Even after all pandemic measures are lifted, there will still be an undeniable convenience of online training over the gym. Especially for people who do not feel comfortable in a gym or who do not work at normal hours. Many people never feel very welcome in regular gyms. The sterile studio atmosphere and the impersonality is not for everyone, whereas an online trainer gives you trainings and exercises that are specially tailored to your body and your goals - and you can train in a place where you feel safest.

Look for experience and a personal chemistry with your online personal trainer

As with social distancing in general, the main disadvantage of online coaching with an online personal trainer is the lack of personal proximity. If you work personally with a trainer on site to get fit, you will get to know the exercises more directly. In an online appointment it is at least a little more difficult to convey the instructions for the exercises as precisely as possible, but that doesn't mean that you can't still build a good relationship with your online personal trainer.

When looking for a good online trainer, it is really important that the coach also has experience with personal training as well as license with his coaching of clients. The trainer should have a classic training and license so that he can cultivate a secure and affirming trainer-client relationship and always keep an eye on your health and well-being.

Where can I find an online personal trainer?

Take a look at which coaching or personal trainer and which online platform is best for you. Many personal trainers have free training sessions that you can use to learn about training style and personal training. If you hire a coach or personal trainer for a training program, you should communicate your individual goals and needs so that each training plan is tailored to each customer (nutrition, availability, appointment, costs, sport or fitness level, goals, Live coaching, location, direct contact or email and much more). Be careful if someone tries to sell you a fitness program that sounds too utopian. You can get a general training plan from almost any fitness website, but that personal attention is what you are looking for when it comes to cost, emotional investment, health and fitness with a live coach or personal trainer.

Almost every web-based fitness and exercise app contains exercise and fitness demonstration videos that you can use to learn how to do each exercise in your workout. However, many personal online trainers, like the ones on Superprof, will encourage you to send them short recordings of your push-ups and other fitness exercises and explanations so that they can give you personal feedback on how you are progressing better and getting fit faster will.

At Superprof, fitness customers can find all information about every single personal trainer and live coach. Customers can easily select and find a suitable coach and personal trainer via the trainer's advertisements. Just get in touch directly by email or phone and arrange a free training session so that you can check whether the personal trainer suits you. Clarify all questions related to your goals, diet, fitness level, training plan, costs, as well as losing weight or building muscle. On Superprof you can also see the experience, training and license for every personal trainer. Our personal trainers are all professional and train with a lot of fun and motivation. Hire a personal trainer and live coaching on Superprof now!