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Info: Greg Young is focused on enterprise security solutions. He is committed to demonstrating what security is like in larger companies and how business can be done securely in these environments. Greg Young was Gartner Research Vice President for 13 years and has advised thousands of companies and government agencies on how to better protect themselves. He has evaluated hundreds of security solution providers and has seen the same technologies successfully used, abused, pigeonholed, or buried deep in order never to be mentioned again.

Greg Young led studies on network security, threat trends, data center security, cloud security, and microsegmentation at Gartner. He wrote more than 20 Magic Quadrants on topics such as Firewall, IPS, WAF and UTM and has chaired 4 Security Summit conferences. Greg Young led several large security methodology consultancies, was CISO for the Department of Communications, and chief security architect for a security solutions provider. He was an officer in the military police and the counter-espionage department and worked in the certification and accreditation department of the national agency. For his work in the field of smart card security, he received the Confederation Medal from the Governor General of Canada.

Greg Young was featured in "12 Most Powerful Security Companies" and was listed among the "100 Most Powerful Voices In Worldwide Security". He also likes to mention that he's in 2 episodes of Airwolf had an extra role.

Favorite quote: “Knowledge is worthless if it is not used.” - Anton Chekhov

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