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Opinion: Depressing chaos in the first Trump-Biden debate

What the hell was that? That was the question that TV viewers were left with after the initial debate between US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden. What was actually intended as an exchange of facts to make it easier for the voters, who are actually still undecided, to make their choice, resembled just a few minutes after the start of a chaotic family bickering between two old uncles, one of whom kept no rules and the other always forced laughing and shaking his head so as not to scream out loud.

The US is in one of its worst crises - the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters due to climate change, and a widening gap between black and white Americans are rocking the country. But in the first direct exchange between the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate, a president could be seen who did not let his opponents finish a single sentence and presented almost no plans of his own to improve the situation.

When moderator Chris Wallace pointed out to Trump that his team had accepted the rules of the debate and the president had promised to let Biden answer questions non-stop for two minutes, Biden only wore a dry "He'll never keep his word." " But the fact that Trump would throw the debate so much into chaos without being successfully put in his place by the moderator was still depressing to watch.

You can also save yourself such a "debate"

Biden also had his dropouts. He called Trump a "clown," which is inappropriate on the political debate stage. And Biden's statement on the subject of who can vote for how long and where by postal vote developed into a confused set of boxes from the Biden brand, the end of which had nothing to do with the beginning.

But it was Trump who took the concept of the presidential debate ad absurdum. Moderator Wallace was unable to control him. And Biden had little to oppose his behavior. Only once did Biden's tone become so sharp that he stopped the constant flow of Trump interruptions for a second: When he talked about his late son Beau and his military service in Iraq, and Trump tried to switch the conversation to Biden's other son Hunter and instead directing the corruption allegations against him.

If no debate comes about because one candidate does not let the other speak for 90 minutes, you can save yourself the whole thing. Next on the calendar of debates is Vice President Mike Pence's slugfest and Biden's running mate Kamala Harris on October 7th. This will be followed by two more TV presidential debates between Biden and Trump. If Biden should cancel these events out of frustration, it would not be a politically wise move, he could be scolded as a coward who has given up. But it would be understandable after this catastrophic "debate".