What is the longest orgasm

Animals, sex and statistics

0 Number of fry that are descended from the most dominant male in guppies. Because the dominant ones constantly have to take care of rank fights, the subordinate males of this popular aquarium fish have a chance against the females.

1.83 meters. Maximum size of an elephant penis and thus the largest of any land-living animal.

2 seconds. Duration of coitus with mosquitoes. The shortest sexual intercourse in the animal kingdom.

2.44 meters. Maximum length of the vagina of a female blue whale.

5 percent. Percentage of male deer that die annually in sexually motivated competitions.

17 kilometers per hour. The average speed of ejaculate as it exits the human penis.

22.57 hours. Duration of the longest ever recorded sexual intercourse in rattlesnakes.

30 minutes. This is how long female orgasms can last in pigs.

38 grams The average testicle weight of "white" men. The Chinese became the most populous people on earth with around 23 g per man and nose.

50 Number of copulations a lion can have per day.

80 percent. Percentage of female frogfish who remain single for life. The deep sea monsters are so rare that they only come across a male by chance.

99 percent. Proportion of men in the total of all sodomites ever convicted. Preferred sexual object of almost seventy percent of animal lovers: cattle.

300 milliliters. Volume of ejaculate that a zebra stallion can deliver per mating. In humans, it is about 3.5 milliliters, which have a nutritional value of five calories.

500 times. This is how often the brown rats make it in six hours.

200,000 to 1. The size ratio between the female and the male marine hedgehog worms. The males live in their own chamber inside their females and are solely responsible for fertilization.