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SAP Ariba and DocuSign: a joint commitment in the cloud

It is yesterday SAP Ariba Exhibition ended in Las Vegas. What many do not know: the purchasing solutions from SAP Ariba and the electronic signature from DocuSign aren't just one winning duo. We are also connected by personal things:

DocuSign's chairman and longtime CEO Keith Krach was previously the founder and former CEO of Ariba, prior to the acquisition by SAP. But that's not the only thing we have in common. Both the purchasing solutions from SAP Ariba and the electronic signature from DocuSign have the ambition to network companies with one another in order to be able to do business more efficiently: Success through one complete digital transformation.

The keyword is “complete”, because a partially digital transformation is simply no longer enough today: many companies invest in the digitization and automation of processes only to get stuck in the last phase of the process. As soon as it comes to signing, you still have to print, find a ballpoint pen, scan it and send it back by email. Or even worse: you send it by letter! This is a thing of the past with the legally binding electronic signature from DocuSign.

DocuSign for SAP Ariba solves these problems in three ways:

Simplified processes

DocuSign for SAP Ariba enables users to send documents 100% digitally directly from their Ariba contract workspace for digital signature. The tracking of who has already signed and the sending of the contract is done directly via the SAP Ariba environment.

Reduced costs

Print, fax, scan: all of this is history with the DocuSign electronic signature for SAP Ariba. Digital transformation can not only make your company more efficient, it can also drastically reduce the costs associated with conventional paper processes.

Faster contract processing

DocuSign for SAP Ariba makes it easy, fast and secure to send documents online in just a few minutes, have them signed and have them signed back with a legally binding signature - anytime, anywhere and from a PC / laptop, smartphone or tablet.

SAP Signature Management

We are proud to be part of the SAP Solution Extension program under the name SAP Signature Management by DocuSign.

From procurement to human resources and more, companies can simplify their processes, reduce costs, process contracts faster, reduce risks and increase compliance at the same time - all directly from SAP Ariba Contract Management.