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Garlic varieties: an overview of the 20 best varieties

Tried and tested, resistant or even strange - garlic has many facets. Find out which types of garlic you shouldn't miss here.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has become an indispensable part of most kitchens and is now also grown in many gardens. Unfortunately, you often only see a few standard varieties romping about in the beds - garlic has a large number of different and sometimes exotic varieties to offer.


An overview of garlic varieties

In general, garlic can mainly be distinguished according to its use. “Normal” garlic describes those varieties from which the cloves of garlic are harvested and used in the kitchen. In the case of cut garlic varieties, only the hearty green is harvested and used in the kitchen. The flower is considered a special delicacy for many types of chive garlic.

But even within the individual groups there can be great differences between the individual varieties and sometimes even strange species. We have therefore compiled the best types of garlic for you in this article.

The best types of garlic

‘Ajo Morado‘: Red-violet garlic, grown mainly in Spain; famous for its sharpness and the distinctive garlic taste

‘Arno‘: Typical type of garlic with a white skin and a full-bodied taste; also impresses with a rich harvest and rapid growth

‘Chesnok wight‘: British garlic with a mild, pleasant aroma; particularly suitable for raw enjoyment

‘Chledor‘:Classic white garlic variety with strong flavor; slow growing, but particularly good shelf life

‘German porcelain‘: Original garlic variety with four toes; unique, intense aroma with a long finish; particularly robust and hardy, also easy to care for and easy to propagate

‘Edenrose‘:Pink-peeled garlic with a mildly spicy, slightly sweet aroma; Foliage and inflorescences are also very tasty; convinces with good durability

‘Germidour‘: It is also known as the “King of Garlic” and has a fine, spicy, slightly mild aroma and a good shelf life; early maturity; interesting purple-and-white patterned bulbs and pink toes; resistant to many viral diseases and hardy

‘Korean Farmer‘:Asian garlic variety with particularly intense heat; goes well with Asian dishes

'Pink': Visually appealing variety with a distinct pink color on the skin; shines with high yields

‘Polish Softneck‘: Variety best known for its exceptionally good cooking properties; hardly loses any of its intense, peppery garlic taste when processed; Easy to care for in cultivation and also suitable for beginners

‘Silverskin‘: Impresses with an intense aroma without much sharpness; particularly durable

‘Thermidrome‘:Particularly robust and high-yielding garlic variety with visually appealing, violet-veined toes; is characterized by a very good shelf life

‘Vivalto‘: Convinces with slightly pink toes and its aromatic pulp; ready for harvest as early as July; is considered to be particularly easy to care for and therefore suitable for beginners.

The best cut garlic varieties

‘Fat Leaf‘: Variety with about 30 cm long, thick-fleshed and juicy leaves; fresh taste with a light garlic note, but not very intense odor; particularly beautiful flower

'Leprechaun':Smallest cut garlic variety with a maximum height of 40 cm; mild, fresh taste and tasty, white flowers; perfect for cultivation in small spaces such as the windowsill

‘Monstrosum‘: With a size of up to 80 cm one of the largest types of garlic; flat stalks with a pleasant garlic odor that go well with Asian dishes; Flowers as a special delicacy

‘Neko‘:The variety convinces with a full-bodied taste that is milder than conventional garlic, but significantly more intense than simple chives; does not cause bad breath; scores with particularly rapid growth

The strangest types of garlic

‘Chinese garlic‘: Rarity from far Asia, which only has a bulb and no typical toes; particularly easy peeling and cutting; pleasantly mild taste

Elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum subsp. ampeloprasum): Almost forgotten variety of garlic with enormous size of up to 7 cm for the bulbs and 1.5 m for the leaves; closely related to the leek (Allium porrum); less intense in taste than garlic; is often prepared like vegetables

Snake garlic (Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon): A variety with a special visual appeal, as the upper part of the shoots spirals in different directions; mild, unobtrusive taste and fine, spicy aroma

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