Have you read the Mueller report?

Trump did not read the Mueller report

US President Donald Trump tweeted that he had not even read Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation. Although he has the right to do so, he has not yet done it. However, he knew the conclusions from it, stressed Trump, and Mueller had found out that there were no secret agreements between his campaign camp and Russia.

In another tweet, Trump called the report "a total waste of time".

For two years, the special investigator's investigations had kept Washington's political life in suspense. Robert Mueller and his team investigated, among other things, whether the election campaign camp of the current president could have made common cause with Russia. Two weeks ago Mueller had given his confidential report to Attorney General William Barr.

There is only a short version on four pages

So far only a four-page summary by the minister is known. Accordingly, Mueller comes to the conclusion that there was no evidence of secret collusion between Trump's campaign camp and representatives of Russia. On the question of whether Trump hindered the judiciary with the dismissal of FBI chief James Comey, Mueller does not commit himself. The report lists indications for and against. Overall, Barr came to the conclusion that the President should not be criminally charged on this point either.

Since the summary was published, Trump feels completely relieved. However, some investigators from Mueller's team are said to complain that Barr did not adequately reproduce the results of the investigation and that these are more problematic for Trump than presented by the Minister. This is one of the reasons why the opposition Democrats are calling for the Ministry of Justice to publish the complete 400-page report. Barr, on the other hand, wants to publish a partially blackened version by mid-April.

rb / uh (dpa, rtr)