One Direction stopped making songs

+ + Diss song about Zayn Malik + +

Really now?! After the dispute on Twitter, Louis Tomlinson now wants to write a diss song about his former bandmate Zayn Malik, according to "": “Louis took Zayn Malik's departure very seriously, he feels betrayed by Zayn, they all do that. It helps Louis if he writes down his feelings in songs and therefore these feelings will also be reflected in the music. Louis is going to write a diss song. He's mad and can't hold it back. "

The insider goes on to tell the gossip page how the band and Louis still felt when Zayn left: “Louis is extremely disappointed - he feels like Zayn abandoned the whole band, they all lost a lot of money because of him. They lost millions of pounds because he left and Louis thinks it was Zayn's biggest, most selfish move to go. They all had times when they wanted to quit, but they didn't because nobody wanted to let the others down. "

Oh oh! But that doesn't sound good - will there really be a diss song by Louis about Zayn?

+ + The Twitter dispute + +

It all started with a picture of Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik, which the producer uploaded to his Twitter page. The image is covered with a filter and bears the signature "Replace that." Then Louis answered and wrote: “Do you remember when you were 12 you also thought these Mac filters were cool for your pictures? Haha! Some people still do that. " Clearly a hidden swipe at the pic of Naughty Boy!

Shortly afterwards the argument between the two really started:

Naughty Boy:"@Louis_Tomlinson And some people can't even sing ... but who wants to complain when there's Auto Tune."

Louis: “Jesus, I forgot that you are such a sought-after producer. How does it feel to have careers on someone else's back? "

Naughty Boy:“Yeah, how does it feel, buddy? You have done it that way for the last five years ... I have Emeli Sande and Sam Smith on my résumé. "

Louis:“@NaughtyBoyMusik Nice for you, well done !! I think we did well in terms of sales and I wrote on that. Keep trying! "

+ + Zayn Malik joins the argument + +

But that was not all! Because finally still mixed Zayn entered the argument between the two and wrote: "@Louis Tomlinson Do you remember when you still had a life and didn't make nasty comments about mine?" The fans in particular did not like that - they criticized Zayn heavily for this comment. Then wrote Zayn only: “I don't know why I'm being attacked for defending myself. People got it wrong. I love my fans ?! Each and every one of you. "