What do headmasters do

Become a headmaster: Profile and interesting facts

Anyone interested in a management position at a school should have a talent for multitasking. Because school principals are designers, administrators, organizers, managers, educators and often also actively teaching teachers in personal union. In the field of tension between colleagues, students, parents, school authorities, the school ministry and the public, they bring a wide variety of interests under one roof - and confidently juggle the various tasks.

What is the day-to-day work of a school principal like?

The exact service tasks are determined in the federal states by the respective state school laws. In practice, school principals are "responsible or responsible for almost everything that is important for running the school. You ...

  • take care of the school development, i.e. further develop the school profile and run the school accordingly,
  • represent their school externally (with parents, in public and in competition with other schools) as well as "upwards",
  • convene school conferences and general teacher conferences,
  • issue and carry out various administrative acts (such as the registration and deregistration of students),
  • enforce compulsory schooling and house rules,
  • work together with colleagues, students and parents,
  • take care of administration and organization (such as budget planning and teaching distribution),
  • lead committees or participate,
  • take on personnel management and development,
  • keep an eye on building management,
  • organize cooperation (for example with sports clubs) and
  • usually also teach themselves.

The core areas of responsibility are therefore in educational leadership and design on the one hand and management and administration on the other. Whether and to what extent school principals also teach depends on the federal state. In many countries there is a teaching obligation for school principals, which depends on the type and size of the school. In other federal states they decide for themselves about their teaching schedule.

What should (prospective) school principals bring with them?

First of all, the Willing to actively shape the school. Assertiveness and commitment are just as important as diplomatic skills, instinct and flexibility. Intercultural skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills and a certain serenity are also helpful.

Those who have become teachers primarily to work with children and young people are likely to be less fortunate in that position. But who is wishes for advancement and a management positionwho can find his calling as the headmaster.

How do you become a headmaster?

Exactly which (formal) criteria applicants for a post of headmaster must meet, varies from state to state - and the exact procedures and qualification options are quite different. In North Rhine-Westphalia, applicants first go through an assessment center as part of the aptitude test and later, if necessary, school management coaching. A qualification is mandatory in Berlin; here teachers are among others. trained in communication and project management and trained as school principals. In many federal states, however, there is no separate training, for example in personnel management - so much is "learning by doing".

Conclusion: Here, too, more vocation than profession

Similar to the "career choice teacher" is certainly also the decision for a headmaster position more idealistic than financially motivated. Depending on the type of school, time, work and responsibility are often hardly reflected financially. In addition, the higher salary often only takes effect "with a delay", and a probationary period has yet to be mastered. Successful work requires a knack for organization and management, resilience and a good dose of idealism. That is why the headmaster is not someone who wants to earn more money, but who sees it as his calling and wants to actively shape and manage the school. Anyone who does or wants to do this has good chances - because many schools will be looking for new headmasters in the coming years!


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