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Tax returns and compliance with tax rates Residence rules Termination of residence Economic employer approach Types of taxable compensation Tax exemptions Abroad Tax relief disbursements You hear from work abroad Taxes on capital gains and capital gains Additional capital gains tax (CGT) gives and exceptions General deductions from income tax refund methods Calculation of estimates / advance payments / withholding relief for foreign taxes General tax credits Sample tax calculation In principle, the taxation of foreign funds is the same as that of Austrian investment funds. As “independent personal service” or self-employment will be the most common form of taxation for academics and researchers, they can take advantage of the generous benefits on incurred expenses that are tax-deductible. These must be related to the work they are engaged in. The deductible costs include tuition fees, work clothes, specific literature, language courses (if they come from abroad) and costs for training and further education. Transportation costs if you are commuting are also deductible. The Austrian tax system takes into account exceptional situations such as special expenses and extraordinary burdens and can therefore receive a tax reduction. This includes doctor's fees and hospital costs as well as costs for child care and dental treatment. The person can fill out an application known as an employee tax assessment at the tax office. The value of a stock option granted for services provided in Austria is included in taxable income regardless of when the option is exercised.

The taxable value of an option is the difference between the fair value of the shares at the time of exercise and the acquisition costs paid by the employee. Rental income from real estate in Austria is taxed at normal rates. Rental income from real estate abroad can be viewed as (progression) income depending on the respective double taxation agreement. The Austrian income tax return must be submitted in euros. Profits or losses in a foreign currency that result from a source of income are included in the tax return and taxed at normal tax rates. Independent Personal Service is essentially self-employed, where the individual comes to Austria in order to conclude an employment contract (work contract). This would be the most common form of employability within the tax system for researchers and academics from abroad. It is the responsibility of the individual to submit a tax return to the tax office. If the regular stay is not used but you sign the employment contract, the income becomes taxable. The institute adheres to 20 percent of the agreed amount, the so-called withholding tax, and this is given to the tax office by the employer. Depending on the purpose of the trip (business or vacation) and employer (foreign or Austrian), the income is proportionally allocated to Austria. In addition, it is possible to have a limited tax liability during this period.

For foreign companies that are active in Austria and are registered for VAT / GST / tax in their home country, the VAT registration threshold is zero. Non-resident companies established in the EU can register directly. However, foreign companies from non-EU countries must appoint a tax representative to register for VAT on their behalf. Is there a relief for foreign taxes in Austria? For example, a foreign tax credit system (FTC), double tax treaty, etc.? Income from investment funds is treated differently, depending on whether the fund is an Austrian or a foreign fund and whether it is registered and represented or is neither registered nor represented. As a rule, a tax return is required if the person's taxable income exceeds EUR 11,000. Income tax on earned income is usually withheld at source. However, a tax return is required if the person has an additional income that has not previously been dependent on employer withholding, above EUR 730.

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