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Experience report: recruitment test officer

Julia * (26) made her dream of studying medicine come true in the armed forces: Today she is a medical officer candidate. Here Julia talks about the demanding selection process including an employment test, sports test and assessment center.

In my youth, I was one of only three women who volunteered for the volunteer fire brigade. But that was never an issue, I've always been able to assert myself. In the course of my school days, I then knew that I after graduating from high school Want to study medicine and become a doctor. However, the long unpaid study scared me off.

My Abitur was good, but not good enough to study medicine straight away without a waiting semester. That's why I decided to join the Bundeswehr. Prospective Bundeswehr doctors have to commit themselves for 17 years. Thereofsix years of study and eleven years of service. I accepted that.

The application as a medical officer

First and foremost, you apply to the Bundeswehr as a soldier and not as a doctor or pilot. Many do not know that. I only found out about it myself a conversation with a career counselor. He came to the town hall in our small town once a month.

I took the opportunity and asked him about my chances and prospects in the Bundeswehr. He explained to me the different careers and the range of courses. We also talked about the duration of the commitment and aboutthe missions abroad. Together with the career advisor, I prepared my application for an officer career in the medical service and medical studies.

My timetable was clear: I would first have to pass a three-day selection process. A few months later I would join the German Armed Forces. At the beginning of my career I would have basic training, then I would study medicine - at a civil university. After my state examination, I would be officially trained before I was appointed to a post as a finished doctor.

Prepare for the officer selection process

These prospects made me ambitious. I wanted to do it and go this way. That's why I prepared myself extremely thoroughly for the selection process: I did more sport than usual and practiced many tasks from the recruitment test. Also, I was wondering what to put on the questions of the psychologist could answer. I then appeared for the selection process as if I would for a normal job interview, in trousers, blouse and blazer.

The selection process took place in Cologne. It was about six weeks after I sent my application away. I took the train there and was very nervous during the journey. I had in my luggage Clothes for three days, including sportswear and sports shoes. The invitation to the selection process indicated that I would spend the night in a room in the career center and eat in the troop kitchen. I should get bed linen and towels on site.

CAT recruitment test, sports test and assessment center

The first stage in the selection process was a preliminary medical examination. I gave a blood sample and a urine sample. My height and weight were also measured. An eye test and a hearing test were then carried out. Then in the afternoon I did onerecruitment test lasting several hours on the computer: Despite good preparation, the CAT test was a challenge for me. It was about German, English, mathematics, logic and concentration as well as personality.

The second day of the selection process included a sports test and a Interview with a psychologist and an officer. In addition, a doctor checked my suitability for service in the Bundeswehr.

On the third day waitedan assessment center: In the group of applicants, we gave short presentations one after the other. Then we carried out two simulation games and discussed the topic of development aid together. The last stops were a conversation witha planner and a student advisory service. The acceptance to study came two months later by post.

* Name changed by the editor

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