Are training supplements safe?


Good nutrition before and after your workout is important, but regeneration is even better. The rest phase is often not given enough importance. However, it is extremely important to compensate for the loss of fluid, the loss of energy reserves and the regeneration of muscles. In addition, toxins that are responsible for fatigue can be eliminated in this way.

1. After training: why is regeneration so important?

Sport makes you tired - including your muscles. Through regeneration and stretching exercises ...

- an efficient sequence of training units or competitions is possible.

- the performance can be increased.

- there is less risk of injury.

2. After training: hydration has absolute priority.

After training, your body is always more or less dehydrated. The severity of dehydration depends on the intensity and duration of exercise, the quality of the drink you drink while exercising, and weather conditions.

If you sweat while exercising, your body draws on its water and mineral reserves, which you need to replenish as quickly as possible.

Hydration is the first goal of regeneration. I recommend a water containing hydrogen carbonate. This has an alkaline effect and helps your body break down the acids that are formed during exercise.

3. After training: think about your sugar balance

Exercising affects your body's energy reserves and you have to replenish them. So eat carbohydrates as quickly as possible. Ideally, this should be done within an hour of your workout.

You have two options for the intake of carbohydrates:

- Foods that primarily contain simple sugars: fruit jelly, white nougat, dried fruit, compote ...

- an energy drink

4. After training: don't forget the proteins

They are used to build up and regenerate muscles. You need to consume protein within an hour of exercising. Whey proteins are especially good because they are quickly absorbed. They also contain many branched-chain amino acids (the BCAAs), which have a positive effect on muscle regeneration.

5. After training: a drink to regenerate

A single regeneration drink provides you with everything you need.

- Liquid to balance your water and mineral balance

- Carbohydrates to replenish the energy reserves used

- Proteins for muscular regeneration

Enjoy it right after your workout.