What is peace and security



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Security - in the original sense of the word synonymous with "free of worry" - a state of affairs that affects the political level to a high degree. With new "global risks" such as climate change, the challenges facing security policy are greater than ever before. But it is also important to preserve personal safety. With the help of the fact sheet, the pupils gain an insight into the debate about current security and peace policy concepts. On the basis of different statements on Bundeswehr or drone operations, reflection is stimulated on both personal and political understanding of security.

The issue of the topic sheets contains a class set of 32 double-sided (identical) worksheets in the tear-off pad. Background information for teachers provides an overview of the topic and provides information on how to use the worksheet and copy templates in the classroom. The extensive information provides, among other things, an insight into the complexity of the concept of security and German security policy. They also offer solutions and didactic tips for the worksheets.

Author: Uli J├Ąger, pages: 10, date of publication: October 2013, place of publication: Bonn, order number: 5994