Which Ronaldo is better

Jose Mourinho: This star was better than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Jose Mourinho answered the question of who is the best footballer of all time. For the Portuguese one thing is certain: Neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo can hold a candle to the Brazilian Ronaldo.

For Jose Mourinho, former Brazilian star striker Ronaldo Nazario is the best footballer of all time. "For me, it's Ronaldo, the Brazilian," replied the Tottenham Hotspur coach to a question on LiveScore. Mourinho argued: "Cristiano (Ronaldo, note) and Messi have been at the top for 15 years with long and successful careers. But if we only talk about talent, no one can beat the Brazilian (Ronaldo Nazario, note)."

Mourinho, who coached Ronaldo in 1996 as assistant coach to the late Bobby Robson at FC Barcelona, ​​spoke of Ronaldo as perhaps the greatest "what if" story in football history. "Injuries ruined a career that could have been even more incredible," says the Portuguese with certainty, "because the boy already had a talent at the age of 19 that was indescribable." For Mourinho one thing is certain: "Nobody will ever be able to beat him when it comes to talent."

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