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How do you express language skills on your CV?

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What do you mean by very good knowledge of English?

For the very good knowledge of English speaks according to the proficiency levels of the EF EPI: nuanced and appropriate use of the language in social situations. Effortless reading of demanding texts. Negotiating a contract with a native English speaker.

What does very good knowledge of German mean?

B2 - Good knowledge of German middle Knowledge of German, Self-employed good knowledge of GermanAbility to express yourself clearly, to present clear descriptions and points of view, and to form some more complex sentence constructions.

What does proficiency in English mean?

"Fluent language skills" are used when communication is possible without problems. The means not that applicants have a perfect command of technical expressions.

What does business fluency mean, both spoken and written?

Fluent in word and Scripture or Negotiable are the descriptions, depending on the position and requirements in the job description or job description. Other names: advanced knowledge, proficient user, advanced, effective operational proficiency.

What does fluent english mean?

Which does ______________ mean it fluently to speak? It means exactly what emerges from the word: when one speaks, the language "flows". There are no interruptions and the speed is like a native speaker.

How do you declare language skills?

Rating scale for specifying Language skills in the résumé
  1. "School knowledge" or "basic knowledge"
  2. "Good knowledge" (possibly with the addition "written and spoken")
  3. "Very good knowledge" or "Fluent" (possibly with the addition "in spoken and written")
  4. "Negotiable"
  5. "Mother tongue"

What does basic language skills mean?

Basic knowledge: Basic language skills can be acquired on a language trip, through stays abroad or at the university. But even those who have learned English at school, but have not spoken or used it for many years, may only have Basic knowledge.

Which PC skills in the résumé?

Under EDPknowledge fall for example:
  • Word processing programs (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Image editing programs and graphic design (Photoshop)
  • Presentation programs (Powerpoint)
  • Operating systems (Windows)
  • Project management (scrum)
  • Programming languages ​​(Java)
  • Database management (SQL)

What is native language application?

As mother tongue It is not the language that the mother speaks, but the language that you grew up with. Under certain circumstances this can be two languages. In the curriculum vitae, two languages ​​are allowed as mother tongue cite. ... mother tongue the other as 2.

How good is B2 in English?

You need a score of 72 to 94 points to the language level B2 to get expelled. Other foreign languages ​​that you have learned in school are usually not taught for as long as English.

What is a sound knowledge of English?

advanced knowledge", the means However, that you should have already worked on the topic, for example in your thesis, "Experience ... desirable", good if you bring it with you.

What does knowledge of German mean?

Can understand the main content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; also understands technical discussions in his own specialty. Can communicate so fluently and spontaneously that a normal conversation with native speakers is possible without great effort on both sides.

What shouldn't be in a job advertisement?

job advertisements - the legal situation

for racist reasons, - gender, - religion or belief, - a disability, - age or - sexual identity. For job advertisements This prohibition of discrimination means that positions usually have to be advertised with no specific characteristics.