How can I do a PhD in Economics

Doctorate in business administration

In addition, another factor in generating ideas lies within yourself. For example, are you ready to move to do your doctorate? Is the offered dissertation to be written in your mother tongue or in a foreign language that you have mastered? Does the topic match your preferences and ideas?

Once a topic has been found for your doctorate in business administration, it is important to define it precisely and to differentiate it from other topics. In addition, the question must be clearly formulated. Because unclear boundaries make it easy for you to lose sight of your actual goal and it becomes difficult to decide what is part of your work and what is not (Peters, 2012). And in the end: just them affidavit of the dissertation do not forget!

How important is a practical relevance for my doctorate in business administration?

Before choosing your topic, you should be clear about your career goals. Because with the result of your doctorate in business administration, you ultimately apply for a job. Therefore, your topic should be interesting for an employer in your dream industry.

Companies need employees with practical experience. However, if you are doing your doctorate at a young age, you have little chance of gaining the experience you want, except during your doctorate. Therefore, you have to take this chance and find answers to relevant and practical questions. This opens the door to your dream employer for yourself.

Furthermore, an industrial doctorate is an opportunity to get your foot in the door of your dream employer at an early stage. The advantage or disadvantage of this is that the topic is usually specified by the company. As a result, there is no need to search for a topic. To do this, you may have to deal with a topic that does not fit you one hundred percent. However, you will be paid accordingly by the company.